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Metal Cutting Flow ChartFiltra-Systems helps you custom engineer industrial filtration & separation products, systems and technology for the metal cutting, metalworking and automotive industries worldwide, including coolant filters.

We are market leaders in the design, manufacturing and installation of machine tool coolant filters and filtration systems, fluid transfer technologies, chip processing systems and packaged oil treatment systems.

Our turnkey coolant filtration and chip processing systems are robust designs capable of continuous operation in support of production machining applications such as; engine blocks, heads, camshafts, crankshafts, transmission case, gears, bearings, axles, brakes, and wheels. Packaged oil treatment systems are used to purify oil in transmission test and fill stands.

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CNC Coolant Filtration Systems

Filtra-Systems has the expertise to design, manufacture and install Central Coolant Filtration Systems, for all CNC machine tool metal cutting applications, to a world wide customer base.

VPC Pressure Filter

The VPC Pressure Filter is a fully automatic pressure filter which can use both permanent and disposable media to filter oil or coolants in metal cutting applications.

Hydro-Vac Vacuum Filter

Hydro-Vac Vacuum Filters can use permanent media or disposable media or both together, to filter mineral oil, soluble or synthetic coolants as part of a central filtration system designed to support multiple CNC machines in metal cutting applications.

Hot Oil Treatment System

Hot Oil Treatment Systems are designed to heat, filter and dehydrate transmission oil prior to injection into new transmissions for testing.

Mini-Vac Vacuum Filter

Mini-Vac Vacuum Filters are disposable media polishing filters designed to remove very small metal fines from cutting oil or coolants on individual CNC machines.

Bag Filters

Industrial bag filter housings and filter bags for liquid filtration. A complete line of single bag filter housings, multi-bag filter housings, and duplex bag filters are in inventory for immediate shipment.

Magne-Tight Magnetic Separator

Magnetic separators effectively remove magnetic particles and tramp oils from coolants.

Perma-Flow Drum Filters

Perma-Flow Micro Screen drum filters are rotary indexing vacuum filters used in heavy metal cutting applications.

Cartridge Filters

Sanitary cartridge filter housings and Industrial cartridge filter housings for liquid filtration. Units in stock from 1 - 1200 gpm.

Precoat Dome Filter

Precoat Dome Filters are pressure filters which use precoated candles to remove metal fines down to 1/2 micron from metal cutting oils and coolants.

CNC Machine Base Trench

CNC Machine base trench is used to collect coolants and chips inside the machine and to prevent leakage of coolants or mists on the plant floor.

CNC Machine Pumpback

Pumpbacks transfer coolant and metal chips from individual CNC machines to a central filtration system.

Filter Supply & Return Piping

Filtra-Systems designs all of the coolant supply and return piping between the CNC machine and the central coolant filtration system.

Hydro-Lift Pump

A Hydro-Lift Pump can be used on CNC machines with very low coolant discharge points, to efficiently lift the coolant and chips from floor level up 24-60 inches, into a pumpback.

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