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Central Coolant Filtration | Central Water Filtration System

Filtra-Systems' position as a worldwide leader in industrial filtration systems means that we have worked with thousands of customers to create custom filtration solutions for their needs.

Because we have designed and built custom systems for clients in many industries, we understand different solutions work better for certain applications. 

This is precisely why we offer different types of coolant filters to fit the needs of our customers, including vacuum, pressure, gravity, magnetic, and bag filters.

Our central machine tool coolant filtration systems are designed to provide coolant filters and complete central coolant filtration systems that perform at the optimum pressure, flow rate, temperature, and clarity required for each operation.


custom design & Engineering

Every central coolant filtration application that a customer has is different.

Our extensive industry experience, broad clientele, and over thirty patented products help to deliver custom, optimized filter systems for our customers that are easily integrated into their operation. 

These various coolant filter projects that we have worked on over the years allows us to offer you the broadest line of equipment in the industry and handle applications form 50 gpm to 50,000 gpm for every type of machining operation and cutting fluid.

Central water filtration systems are used for production machining applications that require multiple machines for each operation. 

Your central system can be designed around any one of our coolant filters and has the advantage of providing each machine with the same concentration of coolant, at the same temperature, and pressure.

All metal fines are discharged in one location and the need to operate and maintain multiple coolant filters is eliminated. Operating and maintenance costs are reduced and product quality is enhanced.


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Central water filtration systems were historically located in pits or galleries, below plant floor level. This was common because in floor trenches were used to transfer the dirty coolant from the machine tool to the coolant filter, which had to be located in the pit, below the end of the slopping trench.

Today, most new central filtration installations are located on the plant floor. This eliminates the trench, which must be double lined under current environmental regulations, and the pit that must also be lined and is considered a confined space.

In addition, when a central coolant filtration system is located on the plant floor, the customer has the flexibility to move the entire plant or rearrange operations at will.

Central water filtration system design is based upon customer specification such as chip load, flow rate, pressure, temperature and clarity requirements as well as preferences for above floor or in floor design, vacuum versus pressure filters, permanent media versus disposable bag filters and component specifications.


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