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Filtra-Systems' Hydro-Vac is the "original" vacuum filtration system for metalworking liquids.

Founded in 1979, our company's position as a global leader in coolant filtration means that we have installed more than 6,000 Hydro-Vac systems around the world.

As a result, companies in a wide range of industries rely on our vacuum filtration system to keep their operation running smoothly.

Having been put to the test in real world settings thousands of times over, we stand behind every system with a worldwide sales and service network that solves problems and stocks spare parts and filter media. 

Applications engineers and system designers work with you to tailor these vacuum filtration apparatuses to fit the specific needs of their operation.

Our laboratory can work with you to select the best system components and filter media for your application. An industry tested product paired with world-class customization and support is what separates the Hydro-Vac from other competitors.


hydro-vac vacuum filter

The Hydro-Vac vacuum filtration apparatus is used by companies to filter mineral oils, soluble or synthetic coolants and other fluids at flow rates from 100 gpm to 10,000 gpm.

Self-contained units can be installed above or below floor or in mobile configurations to handle single CNC machines, machine centers, departments, or entire plants. Add optional trenching or sump pump systems and automatic chip processing for complete system efficiency.


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Hydro-Vac vacuum filtration systems are designed to boost metal cutting productivity and help save your organization money by doubling and tripling tool life.

As well as dramatically increasing your tool life, cooling and lubricating fluid life can be extended indefinitely with the Hydro-Vac.

Engineered for simplified operation, uptime increases because of fewer tool changes, and less machine maintenance.

Chip disposal had been streamlined and critical tolerances and surface finishes improve dramatically.


media options filter fines to 1 micron

Hydro-Vac Vacuum FilterDisposable filter media are designed for specific fluid filtration applications ranging from rough machining to grinding, honing and polishing.

Larger fines can also be retained by permanent filter media belts manufactured from woven monofilament fabrics.

Permanent-type media that reduces operating costs associated with purchase and disposal of disposable media is available. 

Particulates down to a 1 micron level are removed by low cost, disposable, non-woven media.


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Hydro-Vac Vacuum FilterFiltra-Systems' unique blend of expertise and excellent customer support makes us the number one supplier for fully integrated filtration systems in industrial settings.

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  • Absolute Filtration with Side Seals
  • Permanent/Disposable Media
  • Economic Operation
  • Low Maintenance
  • High Flow Rates
  • Continuous Operation
  • Increase tool life
  • Decrease liquid disposal costs


  • Metal cutting industry - filtration of water and oil base coolants - machining, grinding, lapping, honing
  • Stamping Operations
  • Phosphate system filters
  • Parts washer filters
  • Waste Water


High reliability. Low cost operation.

Hydro-Vac Vacuum FilterThe Hydro-Vac vacuum filtration apparatus has only three moving parts: the filter/distribution pump, the flight conveyor and the vacuum break valve. This keeps maintenance low and system reliability high.

Energy costs are low because the same pump generates filter vacuum and delivers a pressurized supply of liquid to production machines.

Vacuum filter pumps incorporate a patented auto-priming feature that eliminates the need for self-priming pumps.



Dual filtration for continuous operation.

Hydro-Vac vacuum filtration systems use a unique dual technique to filter and recirculate process liquids.

As dirty liquid enters the filter, floating debris and tramp oil is flushed to the discharge ramp and automatically skimmed off the surface by the filter conveyor flights. Simultaneously, liquid is drawn through the filter medium at the bottom of the dirty reservoir by a filter/distribution pump which develops a vacuum of 15 inches mercury (7.4 psi differential). From the clean liquid vacuum chamber, the fluid is continuously pumped to the machines.

Automatic operation is ensured by a preprogrammed filter cycle. Initiated automatically when a preselected vacuum is reached, vacuum is eliminated by backflow of clean liquid into the vacuum chamber. The flight conveyor and disposable filter media move a predetermined distance, usually a few inches.

When permanent filter media is used, the backflow of clean liquid lifts retained solids from openings in the permanent media to prevent migration during indexing. During the short micro-index cycle, clean liquid is drawn from a reserve tank to ensure a continuous supply to machines.

Hydro-Vac systems build up a concentrated solids cake which enhances filtration. The micro-indexing feature permits retention of a concentrated solids cake on 90% of the filter area at all times. The filter's ability to develop greater vacuum differential as the solids cake increases maintains uniform flow through the media.


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