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Blog Common Pitfalls of Poorly Designed Coolant Filtration Systems

Coolant filtration systems are essential for any mechanized production.

Filtering coolant eliminates small particles from the fluid, including little pieces of metal that can cause problems with pumps, nozzles, and part cleanliness if not removed.

However, if designed improperly, coolant filtration systems can cause serious problems for your other systems and the workspace.

Keep reading and discover some common pitfalls of some systems, followed by Filtra-Systems’ solutions to some of these problems.

Common Filtration Pitfalls

One potential pitfall of poorly designed coolant filtration solutions is their location in a building.

Some coolant filtration systems require massive trenches or pits to accommodate them. Once the position of the trench has been established, the location of the filtration system is locked.

Conversely, the location of all other equipment in the plant is locked by the positioning of this fluid.

Since the piping for coolant also takes up space, it is frequently placed under the work floor, in trenches. Again, the location of cutting tools is limited by their proximity to the trenches.

Pumps must also be sized to pull coolant from the tool to the coolant system, and sent back to the tool at the correct temperature,  flow and pressure.

Without taking these items into consideration, the whole workspace may need to be remodeled, costing you time and resources.

Filtra-Systems Solutions

Filtra-Systems works with you from setup to installation to ensure that all customized equipment is implemented in the correct way.

We offer two separate solutions for our coolant filtration system.

The first is a drum filter system.

Traditionally, this system requires a sloped trench in the workplace, making it imperative to plan the location of the trench and the surrounding equipment. A location for a central pit is also needed.

More common now are Hydro-Vac Central Coolant Filtration Systems. These centrally located systems are placed on the plant floor, instead of in trenches.

You have the freedom to place this unit wherever it is best suited, with other materials and machinery already in place.

This also provides the freedom to make adjustments once the plant is up and running.

Both of these systems are designed and constructed with great care to ensure the system works according to your company’s specifications.

Click here to contact Filtra-Systems today and let’s talk about your coolant filtration situation and find a custom formula that meets all your filtration needs. Or call 248-427-9090, you’ll be glad you did.