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Bag and Cartridge Filters

bag and cartridge filters

Filtra-Systems has supplied engineered to order industrial filtration and separation systems to a global customer base since 1979. Our nearly four decades of experience has allowed us to work with every industry imaginable, giving us valuable insight into how our customers incorporate our products for different end applications. To meet the the needs of our customers, we offer various bag filter technologies, including:

  • Single bag filter housings
  • Multi-bag filter housings
  • Duplex bag filter systems
  • Replacement filter bags
  • Engineered-to-order filter systems

Cartridge filters are another filter medium that is increasingly popular with our clients. This filter option is better suited when the removal of finer particulates is needed. The filters we stock can process 1-1200 gpm, and can come in duplex system variations, as well as custom designed engineered-to-order systems.

The intimate knowledge about industrial water filtration we possess stems from the fact that we have been designing and manufacturing our products for almost 40 years. In addition to decades worth of real-world feedback from customers around the world, our engineers are able to have important conversations with our manufacturing team, which results in the best products on the market.

If you aren't sure what type of filter housing or media is best for your operations, our team of experienced applications engineers can review your process and make an informed recommendation to guide you. Feel free to call us directly at (248)-919-6119 or email us at to tell us about your process. Contact us today!


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