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Improve Purity and Reduce Operating Costs with our Bag and Cartridge Filters

Looking to improve your purification processes while reducing your operating costs?

You may want to take a look at advanced technology using Filtra-Systems’ bag and cartridge filters.

Bag and cartridge filters are effective and uniquely formulated to help you meet your operational needs.

These filters can be implemented in a variety of ways depending on the needs of your business.

This article shares helpful information and details about bag and cartridge filters.

You Can Save and Profit When Using The Right Filter.

Filtra-Systems has a unique range of filters: there are single, multiple, duplex bag filter housings, as well as filter bags for various end-user applications.

Cartridge filter housings and replacement cartridges are also available, and they are popular products that offer lasting results.

Cartridge filters developed by Filtra-Systems process between 1 and 1200 gpm, and larger units can be built to order. Cartridge filters can be conveniently disposed of by throwing away (depending on the material they are removing).

Filtra-Systems offers an assortment of filter bags with advanced technology, including nylon monofilament mesh, activated carbon, and polyester (needle felt) bag filters. There are also uniquely designed filter bags for oil absorption and removal.

Many of these filters trap and remove elements such as acid, waste, and other hazardous materials, and our filter bags are highly efficient, so they last much longer. Plus, fiber migration and material bypass are minimized.

Discover Bag Filter Housings Engineered for Multiple Industrial Filtration Applications

Filtra-Systems engineers a line of products that includes filter housings for different applications. Carbon steel, 304 stainless steel, and 316 stainless steel housings are all kept in stock.

With over 40 years of experience, we can meet the unique needs of your applications such as brewing, biodiesel production, coolant filtration, and more.

Our housing equipment is designed to have several applications. Some housing units hold one filter while others can hold a few. Housings equipment options are suitable for applications with high pressure, high flow rates and those simply with higher demands. Dual and individual operation options are also available.

Cartridge filter housings are an additional option.

Cartridge filter housings are commonly used in industries such as food & beverage production and cosmetic industries, to name a few. These options offer quality filtration while meeting industrial and environmental standards. Our purification options allow customers to stay in control of operating costs while maintaining energy efficiency.

To talk with Filtra-Systems about your filtration needs, contact us today, and stay tuned to our blog for more on saving money with our customized filtration solutions.

The Best Replacement Technology for a Sand Filter – Filtra-Systems’ Advanced Filtration Technology

Filtra-Systems has over 40 years of experience in providing quality industrial water filtration solutions for various industries.

Our company understands the detailed processes associated with sand filters including slow and rapid filtration options.

We help several different industries that have varying levels of filtration applications while working to conserve energy and water usage.

Using walnut shell filters as a replacement technology for sand filters is an important option more industries are exploring.

It is a matter of understanding the advantages and how your company or industry benefits from this unique technology.  CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THE STiR FILTER PRODUCT. This link can be followed to learn more about a project that involved the STiR successfully replacing failing sand filters.

Filtra-Systems Understands Common Issues Associated with Sand Filters

Filtra-Systems understands the many issues related to sand filtration and how these problems can lead to inefficiency within filtration systems.

For example, the introduction of oil into a sand filter will cause portions of the bed to become clogged and uncleanable, even in extended backwash cycles. This leads to increased treatment and disposal costs, and potentially unsafe and unclean water.

Because sand filter beds need to be replaced every few years, a replacement technology for sand filters can provide the best treatment process available for your operation.

Walnut shell filters can help your company meet its goals, whether it is by reducing the cost of replacing the bed or by achieving lower backwash volumes.

A Wide Range of Industrial Water Purification Solutions

Advancements in filtration technologies help industries achieve even greater flexibility with sand filters than ever before.

Filtra-Systems specializes in technology that works to separate unwanted contaminants from water including oil and suspended solids.

Take a look at these unique, custom-engineered systems including pressure and vacuum walnut shell filters, bag filters, and cartridge filters. These technologies follow precise specifications to improve water your quality.

Determining the Best Industrial Water Filtration for Effective Results

Updating your existing sand filters to walnut shell filters can result in many benefits to your facility.

Efficient oil-based contaminant removal can be achieved by using walnut shell media, as opposed to sand, which tends to blind and “mudball” portions of the bed.

This is a prime example of how our technology can help improve water usage, cut operating costs, and improve the flow of water. Solutions offered as a replacement for sand filters are patented and incorporated through detailed cycles with limited use of chemical compounds.

Replacement technologies such as the STiR Walnut Shell Filter may overcome the limits of sand filters in several important ways. These include higher removal efficiencies, especially of oils and greases.

And the best part is, the walnut shell media in the STiR also never needs to be replaced. The bed of a sand filter typically needs to be replaced every 3-5 years.

Contact Filtra-Systems today to learn more about the STiR filter, 248-427-9090

Advantages of a Custom-Designed Coolant Filtration System

Custom coolant filtration systems can help extend the life of both water and oil-based coolants. This is significant, as it keeps the system cleaner longer and results in a healthy and long-lasting system.

When clients need to remedy concerns about certain applications, custom solutions are developed based on the needs and regulations of the industry in question. There are various forms of coolant filtration solutions including magnetic, vacuum, and gravity filters.

By the way, a customized filter can include one or more of the aforementioned filter types, and provides various benefits for customers with quality control issues, such as coolant not meeting cleanliness specs, or dirty parts coming off of the cutting machine.

All these customized filters may help the system operate at optimum pressure, temperature, and efficiency.

Coolant Filtration Solutions in Several Industries

A custom-designed coolant filter provides an efficient solution that easily integrates with industrial processes and procedures.

Filtra-Systems provides many such solutions, offering state of the art technology and a wide range of equipment. Our custom-designed systems are made with the greatest care and attention.

We work hard to meet our clients’ needs through a unique central system design with the use of our coolant filters to ensure CNC machines operate with the right amount of pressure, coolant concentration, and at the necessary temperature.

Eliminate the Need for Multiple Coolant Filters

Effective treatment solutions are critical for treating contaminated liquids and play an important role in removing materials that can impair production, or even damage cutting machines.

A customized system will work to ensure proper flow and circulation to achieve optimum cooling with evaporative components. Advanced technology now allows for more efficient systems, eliminating the need for multiple filters. Check out our central coolant filter systems here.

Customers Save by Reducing Maintenance and Operation Costs

Today’s industries are under tighter environmental restrictions, which has resulted in increasing maintenance and operational costs. Due to these rising costs, companies need to ensure that they can use their coolant and other metal cutting fluids for as long as possible.

To discover more about these custom coolant filtration systems, contact Filtra-Systems today, 248-427-9090.

Filtra-Systems’ Advanced Technology is the Most Efficient Industrial Water Filtration Solustion on the Market and Here’s Why…

Finding the right industrial water filtration solution for your company can be a challenging and time-consuming process.

In fact, there are various options out there for water treatment solutions and it is important to find a company that understands your needs. You’ll find many things to consider when narrowing down your search and reviewing potential industrial water filtration companies.

For example, a business must consider contaminants and their size, filtration rate, and how the water will be used.

Because Filtra-Systems has over 40-years of experience and a unique understanding of industrial water filtration solutions, we’ve tested and proven this advanced filtration technology is the most efficient solution on the market.

Filtra-Systems Specializes in Multiple Types of Filtration

Providing a broad range of coolant filtration and industrial water filters for over 40 years, and offering a diverse line of water purification and filtration services and products incorporating the latest technologies is what we do.

Understanding important details of the development process and  the wealth of experiencing in engineering products and application testing, helps us create custom solutions for our cliients.

Reality is, as the industry leader in water purification solutions, we provide separation technologies to remove various forms of contaminant, including oils and solids.

Many of these separation technologies promise to help you get efficient water usage while simultaneously meeting federal, state and local disposal and recycling standards.

Filtra-Systems’ Technologies Help You And Your Company Reduce Costs

Our innovative technologies introduce new ways to purify water for industrial facilities across the country. For instance, one of Filtra-Systems’ specialized tools, the automatic filter press, offers unique benefits, including reducing maintenance costs.

Other water filters can reduce disposal costs, or even allow for reuse of process water. Many other cost benefits can be achieved through the implementation of a filter system.

Filtra-Systems Offers a Wide Selection of Industrial Water Treatment Equipment

Filtra-Systems provides various different filter systems that provide efficient usage of water in various industries.

Almost all filters are custom-designed to remove specific contaminants to suit your company’s operational needs and applications. Cartridge filters, filter presses, bag filters, and walnut shell filters are some important filter options, and each solution is truly customizable for each of our clients.

Get your free, no-pressure, filtration consultation today, call 248-427-9090 now.

The Next Generation of Filtration Technology

As you know, industrial water filtration systems provide essential water treatment solutions for today’s growing industries, and the technology behind these systems continues to change and evolve in response to demand, applications and regulations.

Technology plays an integral role in water treatment, and filtration experts like Filtra-Systems work to stay on the cutting edge to bring you the most reliable advanced technology in water filtration.

We are proud of our forward-thinking engineers who design and provide products and services that play a fundamental role in the future of filtration technologies.

Developments in Industrial Water Filtration Technology

Quality product materials, efficiency in processing, meeting client demands and quality control through product testing are but a few elements that will help you define essential water treatment solutions in the future.

Filtra-Systems provides unique industrial water filtration systems and purification solutions while investing in a broad range of technologies in order to tackle the numerous water purification challenges that we face today.

The most common industrial water filtration systems require an in-depth development stage, and these systems have made it possible for industries to more efficiently remove contaminants from water and dispose of those contaminants.

Examples of these technologies include river protection filters, fuel oil removal,  groundwater remediation purification and PFAS removal.

Each plays a role in how waste products are removed from water during industrial processes.

Most of these filtration solutions went through several changes to ensure efficiency and safety over the years, and Filtra-Systems continues to lead the industry by developing and incorporating new technologies into our solutions.

The Importance of Educating Industries About Water Filtration

An efficient filtration solution requires a unique design strategy that is customized to fit the needs of that specific facility.

Using industrial water filters is more important now than ever.

Many different industries are affected by water shortages or PFAS contamination yet few fully understand how water filtration technologies and wastewater treatment solutions can benefit their businesses.

Many companies are changing how they use water, and water scarcity is one of the driving forces in many of these industries.

These companies are now seeking cost-effective strategies that will not only help the environment but reduce operating costs.

People searching for water filtration solutions need to know which technologies are in use and which strategies and options they have to make informed decisions about their water treatment needs.

For instance, there are different types of filters that help purify and remove contaminants. Industrial cartridge and deep bed filters are just two basic examples of this. Each type of filter works to remove material.

Talk to us for help finding which water filtration solutions are best for your situation: click here to contact Filtra-Systems, or call 248-427-9090.

The Importance of Measuring Your Pressure Drop

One of Filtra-Systems’ objectives is to help you improve your operational processes by efficiently filtering industrial water.

Two solutions offered to our clients, bag filters and cartridge filters, are used in a wide range of industrial processes by companies in varying industries.

Even though these filtering solutions are ubiquitous throughout industry, too many organizations neglect or improperly maintain their systems.

The Negative Effects of Poor Maintenance

Poor maintenance of your filtering systems has a measurable adverse effect on business.

One of the most overlooked aspects of proper upkeep is tracking the pressure drop across the filter housing.

Both bag and cartridge filters are usually sized so that the pressure drop with clean elements is less than 1 psi.

As the filter media collects dirt, sediment, and other contaminants, the pores in the media become clogged.

The initial result of this is a less efficient system due to the clogged media’s restricted flow and increased pressure drop across the media.

The differential pressure increases as more and more material are collected.

The trouble is, if left unchecked, the elements have the potential to rip, leading to a failure in filtering incoming fluid.

Not only will no filtration occur, but previously captured contaminants will also be released.

Even worse, the failure of an operation’s filtration system can cause the entire operation to come to a halt, something every business wants to avoid.

This can, of course, lead to missed deadlines and disappointed customers.

All these negative effects are entirely avoidable when the proper measurement of pressure drop is observed.

How to Measure Pressure Drop

Measuring your pressure drop helps you prevent bags and cartridges from failing

The differential pressure across the filters should be tracked.

This can be done by either using two pressure gauges (one upstream of media, one downstream), or a single differential pressure gauge.

A typical bag will need to be replaced when the pressure drop reaches 10-12 psi, and most cartridges need to be changed when the pressure drop reaches 15-35 psi.

Following these simple rules ensures both your bag and cartridge filters will continue to operate correctly.

For more ways to test your bag and cartridge pressures and avoid costly filtration equipment and bag filter failures, call us 248-427-9090

Three Benefits of Wastewater Filtration

Wastewater filtration is a smart practice for industrial companies because it eliminates contaminants and other harmful substances from water and allows for proper disposal of those contaminants.

In addition to saving you ongoing water costs, wastewater filtration also has environmental implications, including reducing pollutant emissions. These pollution reductions protect water supplies and other natural resources.

Industrial plants across the country benefit from flexible wastewater filtration solutions to make their commercial maintenance more efficient.

The following benefits are a direct result of using effective wastewater treatment solutions.

Save On Expenses

In the past, companies could simply dump their waste into the nearest body of water.

Times have changed and in many cases today simply disposing of untreated wastewater either into a water source or down the drain will incur heavy fines.

When you use wastewater treatment solutions, your water can be reused, reducing your average expenses and transforming your wastewater into a money-saving asset instead of a burden.

Also, fully automated solutions, like our STiR filter, reduce labor and decrease disposal costs which add to increase your bottom line.

Environmental Factors

Environmentally mindful wastewater systems ensure that you and your company remains compliant with all relevant pollution laws, and does not harm the environment.

By repurposing tainted water and turning it into something of value to your company, you remove the need for long-distance transport and other wasted actions.

Instead, you convert wastewater into a useful resource.

These wastewater treatment systems also reduce your water consumption and discharge and produce minimal emissions compared to other systems.

Flexible Systems

Wastewater filtration provides flexible systems for water purification.

As more technologies become available, you may want to integrate new solutions into your wastewater treatment systems to improve efficiency.

Still another benefit: wastewater filtration is a scalable resource for commercial applications, which maximizes cost savings and maintains environmental compliance over time.

For more information on integrating a wastewater filtration system into your commercial business, click here to contact us today or call 248-427-9090 now. And, stay tuned to our blog for in-depth articles on many more industrial filtration solutions.