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Industrial Water Filtration Solutions For Your Industry

Not all industries require the same industrial water filtration system, so Filtra-Systems provides a wide range of products, as well as customized solutions, for many different industries and applications.

Some of these solutions include industrial process water systems, wastewater solutions, groundwater solutions, and units for cooling water.

Whatever your industry’s application, we may be able to provide systems to efficiently filter out contaminants and particulate.

Industrial Process and Wastewater Solutions

The STiR Walnut Shell Media filter provides you solutions for both process water and wastewater. This system is aimed at reusing water, which has both an economic and environmental impact.

The STiR uses a walnut shell media, which is great at removing both total suspended solids (TSS) and oils from water, while also minimizing the amount of backwash water that is required.

The STiR typically backwashes with less than 0.5% of the total water throughput and in most cases, clean water is not required for a backwash.

Groundwater and Cooling Water Systems

Cooling water systems frequently use either walnut shell filters or bag filters to remove several different types of contaminants. Clean water can be sent back to the cooling source, and water is reused.

Groundwater systems include applications where runoff water needs to be filtered. Bag filters are also frequently used, especially in situations where constant filtration is not needed (eg rainwater causes liquid levels to rise, and require filtration).

Many different bags are available and each bag has different properties for different applications.

The bag material can be varied for changing liquid stream compositions, such as the addition of oil. Different micron ratings are available for different removal efficiencies.

We have systems that are easily maintained and flexible.

Overall, each business needs its own, individually selected solution to filter their water.

Filtra-Systems is here and ready to provide you these different strategies and options for each preferred filtration system.

These systems and products will help your project as cost-effectively as possible, and our products stand the test of time so you can keep the same filtration system for many years to come.

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How To Use Wastewater Filters To Reduce Your Costs

Wastewater filters provide quite a few benefits to the system and the ecosystem. Water is a precious resource and grows even more so with time.

Water is at an all-time high in demand, whether for consumption or use in industrial systems.

When wastewater is filtered, it can help to reduce costs for your company because it can be reused, thus pulling less clean water from the ecosystem.

Reusing Water with a Filtration System

Simply recirculating wastewater without cleaning it is not advisable. It can contaminate the process, and cause other issues down the road.

Generally, the first step is a physical filter for the water. This is typically a bag filter, cartridge filter, or walnut shell filter. These filters can also be designed to remove more solids, depending on how dirty the wastewater is.

If the water has a large amount of solid material in it, a clarifier or centrifuge may be a more effective first step.

Frequently, the last step is the use of reverse osmosis (RO), to remove all dissolved material (TDS) from the water. This reuse of water allows businesses to operate without having to worry about the increasing costs associated with freshwater.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Equipment

Choosing the right filtration equipment makes all the difference in the effectiveness of the water filtration system, and leads to reduced costs. These wastewater filters are useful in creating a renewable source of water for companies to use.

Wastewater filtration also protects companies from governmental restrictions on water disposal, as well as being beneficial to the environment.

The Filtra-Systems Solution

Filtra-Systems has many customizable solutions for wastewater treatment that decrease your labor and cost.

For example, the STiR Industrial Water Filter is an automated unit that utilizes vacuum filtration to pull water through a walnut shell media, removing contaminants.

The tested and proven STiR filter is one of the most successful products at removing oil and suspended solids from water, allowing it to be reused. One of the most common applications for this filter allows for the reuse of water during contact cooling.

The STiR can remove roughly 95-99% of all solid contaminants in water, as well as 90-95% of free hydrocarbons. All of this can be accomplished without the use of chemicals, saving on water processing costs.

The STiR comes in multiple sizes, and can easily be customized for your specific application.

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Selecting The Right Filter Press

Selecting the right filter press is imperative when choosing an efficient and profitable filtration system.

Choosing a reliable filter press that is easily maintained, cost-effective, and easy to install is often difficult and Filtra-Systems offers high-quality consultation and filter presses that last a lifetime and are easily maintained.

An Efficient Solution

The Verti-Press system from Filtra-Systems is an efficient system for slurry dewatering. It has multiple stacked chambers, which allow for a more efficient process.

The advantage of multi-chambers… individual chambers can be taken offline, enabling continued runtime and allowing maintenance to be put off until the entire system is shut down.

Since your system can keep running when one section is down, operating and maintenance costs may be substantially reduced.

It’s Got Functionality…

A functional, fully operational filter press is essential for many processes. The creation of filter cakes removes as much water as possible from the solids in the treatment system.

The Verti-Press has the power to create a high volume of solids and extract the most water possible, making it an incredibly efficient, highly functional system.

These systems are at the forefront of filter press to technology, and Filtra-Systems is committed to continued research and advancement in the filtration industry. The Verti-Press Tower Press is one such example.

The latest update to the Verti-Press is the addition of side seals, for a fully enclosed filtrate design. This increases your process safety by cutting down on potential chemical exposure outside of the filter.

Cost Reduction

Our systems are built to minimize your operating costs. Individual chamber isolation allows for longer runtimes, and less time spent on maintenance.

Another advantage these Verti-Press units offer, they are fully automated and discharge without operator attention.

Installation of a Verti-Press means you will never have to scrape off another plate from a plate & frame filter. Additionally, cake discharge at a single point eliminates redundant material handling, which is doubled in some pressure filters.

Take a look at our selection of products and discover more about the Verti-Press Automatic Filter Press, the most advanced automatic filter press available on the market today

Incorporating Bag Filters Into Your Treatment Systems

Deciding which bag filters to use in your treatment system?  There are many factors to consider.

For one, it’s important to explore which type of filter housing is necessary for your facility: single or multiple bag housing.

Next, deciding which type of filter bag the project and application requires is equally important.

Read on if you want to know-how…

Bag Filter Housing

The housing of the bag filters should be considered before any purchase is made. This ensures that the bag filters are sized correctly for the water treatment system.

The first point to consider is the flow rate the water needs to be filtered at.

If the project calls for a high flow rate, selecting a multiple bag filter will allow all of the water to be filtered by only using one housing. However, if the project is smaller, it might not require the extra filtration you would get from a multiple bag unit. In this example, a single bag unit would be more appropriate.

The next point to consider is the material of construction of the housing.

Industrial water and wastewater projects typically use 304 stainless steel. In applications where oils, coolants, or caustic fluids need to be filtered, carbon steel is much more commonly used. For filtration of acids, and other corrosive materials, 316 stainless steel, or other higher grades of steel are required.

Which Bag Filter To Choose?

Along with the choice of the filter housing for the bag filtration system, selecting the correct filter for the job is essential. When installing a bag filter system you want to consider the type of liquid to be filtered and the material that needs to be removed.

Starting with what is being filtered, an activated carbon impregnated bag filter is an excellent choice for the removal of heavy metals, VOCs, BOD, and other organic compounds. It’s able to adsorb dissolved material from water.

When oil needs to be removed from water, an Oil Absorption Bag Filter is the best choice. The multi-layer design increases the chances of oil droplets colliding with and absorbing onto the polypropylene material as the water passes through the bag.

Nylon Mesh bags are frequently used in applications where more porous bags are needed (greater than 100 micron).

The two most common materials used in bags are polypropylene and polyester.

Deciding which material to select, first consider the liquid being filtered.

Polypropylene offers excellent chemical resistance and is often selected when acids, bases, or water needs to be filtered.

Unfortunately, polypropylene swells when it comes into contact with oil, which can prematurely clog the pores of a bag. For this reason, polyester is used when filtering oils, coolants, and solvents. Polyester can also be used for water or weak acids.

To create the perfect filtration system for your project, consider the above suggestions to help to determine which bag filter housing and bag filter media would work best for your situation.

Our filtration experts are here and ready to help you choose the ideal solution for your facility, call us now 248-427-9090, we’ll ask you a few questions and share with you bag filter strategies and options.