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Custom-Designed and Engineered Central Coolant Filtration Systems

Custom-designed central coolant filtration systems are specialized units made to your specifications.

Filtra-Systems has supplied and installed coolant filtration systems for years to companies around the world.

We can design and install systems for a variety of industries and needs, including systems that can be customized to your company’s layout.

Here are a few examples of custom-designed central coolant filtration systems Filtra-Systems provides to our customers.

Gear-Grinding Central Coolant Filtration System

Drum Filter Central Coolant Filtration System

Aluminum Machining Central Coolant Filtration System

Each of these systems, created specifically for our clients’ application, can process from 50 to 50,000 gpm, for almost every type of machining operation.

Our central coolant filtration system designs are based on several factors including flow rate, pressure, chip load, and temperature.

Filtra-Systems can also create designs for in-floor or above-floor applications for greater flexibility, so you can move your entire system as necessary.

We test your system extensively on our manufacturing floor, and also pre-assemble and wire your unit before shipping.

At Filtra-Systems, we have over 40 years of experience designing and manufacturing custom-designed coolant filtration systems for a variety of industries. We have high-quality standards and a laboratory to conduct pilot studies and bench-scale filtration studies.

Since we design our custom solutions for each individual client, you can be assured that you will receive the highest quality, most efficient coolant filtration system on the market.

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Why A Customized Industrial Water Treatment System is Your Superior Choice

Do you have an aging industrial water treatment system, or is your system inefficient?

Often when you purchase a system from a disreputable supplier the effectiveness of your industrial water treatment system is in question.

Also, aging systems can incur substantial maintenance fees and result in poor treatment of your wastewater or groundwater.

On the other hand, a customized industrial system can provide your business with an incredibly efficient industrial water treatment system.

Filtra-Systems has a diverse lineup of products, ranging from bag and cartridge filters to walnut shell filters.

Each of these products are designed with the highest quality and efficiency in mind, and we offer customized solutions to address all of your filtration and cooling needs.

Our team members have decades of experience in designing, building, and installing several types of customized industrial water treatment solutions for different industries.

Some of these industries include the metalworking industry, water and wastewater industry, and chemical industries.

Each process is different and customized to each of these industries and clients. For example, Filtra-Systems developed several technologies to remove suspended solids and oil from industrial wastewater, allowing the water to be recycled in the wastewater industry.

We also developed technologies to reduce energy consumption and cut down on labor requirements to maintain systems in the chemical industry.

Our effective customized solutions are based upon years of research and development. Our research and development allow us to create innovative products that stand the test of time and are of the highest quality, consistently delivering results to our current clients.

To learn more about our customized solutions, including how to begin to take advantage of our years of development experience, click here to contact Filtra-Systems today and speak with one of our filtration experts. 248-427-9090

4 Advantages of Cooling Tower Filtration

Who else wants to increase the life of their manufacturing equipment and systems with a cooling tower filtration solution?

Almost every industrial site has a cooling tower and our solutions enhance cleaner systems and more effective cooling.

We engineer several types of filters including magnetic, vacuum, pressure, bag filters, and more.

Our central filtration systems help your system perform at its maximum efficiency, providing many advantages to your business.

Continue reading to discover many of the key advantages of cooling tower filtration.

Saves You Energy

If you wish your cooling system worked at maximum efficiency, cooling tower filtration is an excellent option for you.

Cooling tower water treatment increases the efficiency of your cooling tower by recirculating the water and removing particles such as suspended solids.

When your cooling system is operating at maximum efficiency, you save money, time as well as decreasing your maintenance.

Less Maintenance

As we just mentioned above, using cooling tower filtration decreases maintenance costs by ensuring that your cooling system is operating at maximum capacity.

This reduces the cleaning of your spray nozzles, heat exchanger plates, and other points of material build-up.

Longer Lifespan

With less maintenance and greater output, your cooling system can significantly increase your equipment’s working lifespan.

Your system easily stays at its optimal levels, helping you avoid costly downtime in order to replace parts.

Reduced Cost

After installing a filtration system on your cooling system, you will spend less time cleaning your system to reach the system’s maximum efficiency.

Not only are you saving on energy and maintenance costs, but you also avoid expenses such as replacement parts which can add up down the road.

These are but a few of the many advantages of cooling tower filtration systems.

At Filtra-Systems, we know that you have needs based on their industry and business; that’s why we offer you custom design and engineered central filtration systems.

For more information, contact us today, 248-427-9090 and talk with our filtration experts to discuss your facility, applications and goals.

How Filtra-Systems’ Turnkey Industrial Water Filtration Solutions Eliminate Waste

Industrial water filtration solutions work in a variety of ways to eliminate waste from your wastewater and groundwater.

These technologies are used by industries across the globe to filter their water, with Filtra-Systems offering a selection of products to choose from based on your needs.

We offer specialized industrial water filters and products to enhance the efficiency of your systems. More importantly, Filtra-Systems also designs and ships industrial water purification systems across the globe. These specialized systems are customized for each of our clients.

Some of these technologies and industrial water purification systems include:

Bag and Cartridge Filters

STiR Industrial Water Filter

Walnut Shell Media Filter

Water Filtration Solutions

Filtra-Systems has many proprietary water filtration solutions to solve a variety of your issues.

For instance, Bag Filter Housings can be used for many applications including brewing, coolant filtration, injection water, and more.

Our Cartridge Filter Housings fit multiple cartridge types, including double open-ended (DOE), Type 222, and Type 226 (sanitary).

We offer effective industrial water filtration solutions which assist with the removal of suspended oils and solids like our STiR Industrial Water Filter. In fact, the STiR removes up to 99% of suspended solids and insoluble carbons under normal operating conditions.

The smallest vessel can process 50 gpm, and the largest can process up to 6500 gpm. STiR filters are shipped pre-assembled and skid mounted.

This is just one example of a turnkey solution that Filtra-Solutions offers our clients.

With a backwash modeled on a Continuous Stirred-Tank Reactor, our Deep Bed Walnut Shell Media Filter is another example of a product we designed for maximum efficiency in eliminating waste from your system.

This filtration system is much more effective than traditional sand filters for the removal of oil & grease, making it one of the most efficient systems on the market.

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5 Ways Filtra-Systems Industrial Water Filtration Solutions Benefit Your Company

Industrial water filtration solutions may save your company time and money in many ways.

Customized Solutions

When you need customized solutions to meet the unique demands of your company and the requirements for your system… Filtra-Systems works with you to narrow down which products benefit your setup the most, as opposed to purchasing industrial water filtration products from less adept companies who may try to sell you items you don’t need.

Quality Products

Our products are tested and engineered with proprietary technologies and innovations, so you can sleep easy knowing that your system will have a long lifespan and you won’t need to reinvest in new technologies every few years.

Product Design

If you are looking for industrial water filtration products, ours have many industry-leading advancements in technology.

The STiR Industrial Water Filter, for instance, is the latest version of walnut shell filter technology. It is designed to get the same rate of filtration and filter life at a fraction of the cost of traditional walnut shell filters.

Improved Performance

You need industrial water filters to work efficiently, right? Absolute rated cartridge filters have 99.5% efficiency at a given micron rating and are in stock and available for immediate delivery.

Qualified Professionals

Our team has an in-depth knowledge of industrial water filtration solutions and has worked with many companies in over 37 nations to help solve their industrial water filtration issues.

We have designed, manufactured, and shipped industrial water filtration products for 40 years, and our team would love to work with you to customize a solution that benefits your manufacturing processes and business.

Call us now, 248-427-9090, or click here for more information and recommendations of industrial water filtration products that can benefit your business.

How To Choose Your Water Filtration Equipment

Filtra-Systems provides industrial water filtration equipment and systems to clients across the country, customizing systems specifically for their manufacturing processes. Our products are innovative, staying reliable for years to come.

Water Filtration Equipment

Our industrial water filtration equipment is created for industries that require powerful technologies to help with water filtration and purification.

Several solutions are provided and we can help you through every step towards the best system. Some of the products we offer include:

Industrial Water Filters

Bag Filter Housings

Industrial Cartridge Filters

All these technologies are designed for continued use over years and years, built with our customers’ requirements in mind.

Filtra-Systems Waste Water Filters

Looking for wastewater filters to separate oil or suspended solids from your industrial wastewater? Our STiR Walnut Shell Media Filter might be the perfect fit.

Because over the years, we have tweaked this filter for maximum efficiency, building systems for many clients across multiple different industries.

The STiR uses a proprietary backwash system to fully regenerate the bed with the lowest possible backwash volume, saving you money on water processing.

The STiR filter is unique because our patented scrubbing cycle utilizes the continuously stirred tank reactor model to fully fluidize and clean the filter media.

Customized Water Filtration Solutions

Filtra-Systems works with you to design a system that does what it needs to do at a reduced cost and for a longer period of time.

Our team of experts works with you suggesting products that will purify and restore water more efficiently than competing products and companies.

Call Filtra-Systems today, 248-427-9090 and talk with our expert engineers about how a few of our wastewater filters and water filtration equipment may help improve your business.

Common Pitfalls of Poorly Designed Coolant Filtration Systems

Coolant filtration systems are essential for any mechanized production.

Filtering coolant eliminates small particles from the fluid, including little pieces of metal that can cause problems with pumps, nozzles, and part cleanliness if not removed.

However, if designed improperly, coolant filtration systems can cause serious problems for your other systems and the workspace.

Keep reading and discover some common pitfalls of some systems, followed by Filtra-Systems’ solutions to some of these problems.

Common Filtration Pitfalls

One potential pitfall of poorly designed coolant filtration solutions is their location in a building.

Some coolant filtration systems require massive trenches or pits to accommodate them. Once the position of the trench has been established, the location of the filtration system is locked.

Conversely, the location of all other equipment in the plant is locked by the positioning of this fluid.

Since the piping for coolant also takes up space, it is frequently placed under the work floor, in trenches. Again, the location of cutting tools is limited by its proximity to the trenches.

Pumps must also be sized to pull coolant from the tool to the coolant system, and sent back to the tool at the correct temperature,  flow and pressure.

Without taking these items into consideration, the whole workspace may need to be remodeled, costing you time and resources.

Filtra-Systems Solutions

Filtra-Systems works with you from setup to installation to ensure that all customized equipment is implemented in the correct way.

We offer two separate solutions for our coolant filtration system.

The first is a drum filter system. Traditionally, this system requires a sloped trench in the workplace, making it imperative to plan the location of the trench and the surrounding equipment. A location for a central pit is also needed.

More common now are Hydro-Vac Central Coolant Filtration Systems. These centrally located systems are placed on the plant floor, instead of in trenches.

Clients have the freedom to place this unit wherever it is best suited, with other materials and machinery already in place. This also provides the freedom to make adjustments once the plant is up and running.

Both of these systems are designed and constructed with great care to ensure the system works according to your company’s specifications.

Click here to contact Filtra-Systems today and let’s talk about your possible coolant filtration solutions and find a custom formula that meets all your filtration needs. Or call 248-427-9090. You’ll be glad you called.

Advantages of Industrial Cartridge Filters

Searching for a disposable filter for your manufacturing system?

There are two different types to consider: cartridge filters and bag filters.

Bag filters are made of several materials and are generally considered to be surface filters, while cartridge filters can be either surface or depth filters.

The big question is, what type of filter best suits the needs of your company?

Read the information below to help you with the selection process. Please keep in mind, every solution is different, and it is possible that you and your company may require more than one piece of equipment for efficient and cost-effective filtration.

What Are You Trying To Filter?

This question is crucial because the type of contaminant being filtered can be stopped more efficiently by one type of filter than another.

For example, most cartridge filters are going to be very effective against very small contaminants, at a concentration of less than 50 ppm.

These filters will be effective against fine contaminants but may not be as efficient when filtering larger particulate, at higher concentrations.

Filtra-Systems industrial cartridge has a high contaminant removal rate. These cartridges have very fine, highly concentrated fibers on the inside of the cartridge, and larger fibers with more porous openings on the outside of the cartridge to catch a large number of contaminants.

How Do You Want To Filter

How much space is needed for your filter?

To process larger flow rates, larger filters housings are needed. Alternately, larger filter housing can be installed in applications with low flow rates, so that the filter will not need to be changed as often.

Two different cartridge filter designs are offered: depth and surface.

A depth filter looks like a block of material and catches material throughout the cartridge. A surface filter will typically have a pleated material, and only catches solids on the outer surface.

These are typically absolute rated filters (catches 99.5% of contaminants at a given micron rating) while depth filters are nominally rated.

The Advantages

Overall, depth cartridges have the advantage of thickness and depth, allowing for more material to be caught by the filter. These cartridges are also easily disposable and are easily replaced.

Click here to contact Filtra-Systems today to determine which cartridge filter is right for you and your application. In a hurry, call our filtration experts now for your free consultation and quote: 248-427-9090