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Filtra-Systems Provides Advanced Water Filtration Technologies for Your Industry

As industrial applications become more complex and even more demanding, regulations are placed on them.

Because of ever-changing standards for the disposal of industrial wastewater, the water filtration must change in response.

Filtra-Systems employs talented designers and engineers to produce an advanced line of industrial water filters, using technology to remain on the cutting edge.

The products created today implement the most advanced technology and will play a vital role in the development of filtration technologies for the future.

Filtration Technology of the Future

Industrial water filtration continues to grow in importance for the production of purified water. Industries need increasingly reliable filtration for better efficiency and safety. Companies also strive to produce the highest quality products to make them competitive in a growing market.

Filtra-Systems understands the role new technologies will play in the future, and we invest in a broad range of those available today to meet the challenges of all industries and the needs that are specific to them.

Some examples of the industrial water filters that reflect modern technologies are river protection filters, filters for groundwater remediation, and fuel oil removal filtration.

All of these filters have gone through multiple design changes to increase their efficiency just as Filtra-Systems continues to develop and incorporate technologies into new products that offer more advanced solutions.

What Industries Need to Know About the Future of Industrial Water Filtration

To achieve the best results when selecting industrial water filters, every detail matters.

The right materials, size, and design are just some of the features that will determine how well your filtration process works.

To add to the challenge, many companies are also looking for industrial water filtration systems that are cost-effective and beneficial to the environment. At the same time, they need to minimize operating costs.

A lack of knowledge of filtration technologies can easily result in engineers and companies making the wrong choice in industrial water filters and filtration systems.

Filtra-Systems would love to provide you with the information you need about a wide variety of industrial water filters to help you make an informed decision. Click here now to contact us and discover the best filtration solutions for your specific applications. 248-427-9090

Answers to Common Questions About Industrial Water Filters and Filtration Systems

Industrial filtration systems are essential to the operations of companies in a wide range of industries.

There are many different types of industrial water filters to accommodate different needs.

Filtra-Systems, with more than four decades of accumulated knowledge about filtration, has the ability to answer your questions about how you can make your filtration system more efficient.

What Are the Benefits of Walnut Shell Industrial Water Filters Over Traditional Sand Filters?

There are many advantages to the use of walnut shell media over that of sand, especially when removing oil and suspended solids.

Walnut shell filters are bed filters, meaning they work by removing contaminants through a granular media before they are removed through a tortuous path moving through the media. Once filled with contaminants, it is backwashed, which is cleaning the bed (filter media) without the added cost of media disposal.

The STiR technology used in Filtra-Systems industrial filtration systems has proven to clean 100% of the filter media during each backwash cycle saving you time and media costs.

What is the Most Important Feature to Look for When Purchasing Industrial Water Filters?

There are many different types of industrial filtration systems used across a wide array of industries.

The primary goal of each company and application is to choose the filters that result in the best water filtration possible. After that, the needs vary in size and design due to the difference in systems and the types of contaminants that need to be filtered out of the liquid.

One place to you can start to get the right filters or filtration system for your specific needs is to contact FIltra-Systems with your questions. 248-427-9090

Does it Really Matter if I Buy Cheaper Filters and Replace them More Frequently?

It costs you time and money to frequently replace filters. Some filters can also be a lot less efficient, resulting in less effective filtration.

Lower quality industrial water filters can cause unnecessary wear and tear on your equipment.

Do you have more questions about industrial filtration systems or need help choosing the best industrial water filters for your system? Click here and contact Filtra-Systems or call 248-427-9090 for more information or when you may need to make an better-educated choice.


The Next Era of Industrial Water Filters Has Arrived at Filtra-Systems

For many engineers and companies, the use of water filters is a requirement. They look for the most cost-effective industrial water filters in order to meet regulations and provide a quality product.

Filtra-Systems has engineered the newest technology into its filters optimizing industrial water filtration capabilities for a broad range of industries and improve their operation’s efficiency and cost.

Filtra-Systems applies the same attention to detail today that leads to its defining of essential water treatment solutions in the future.

The application of technology in a variety of areas allows the company to have a unique position to offer the most advanced industrial water filtration systems available today.

Sharing the Knowledge

Filtra-Systems has over 40 years of experience behind their industrial water filters, and can provide every client with the custom solutions they need for their specific application. We believe that the only way to achieve efficient industrial water filtration is by creating customized solutions for each specific need.

There are many ways that industries are changing. Better technologies allow the development of new and more efficient filtration systems.

Industries that have had to deal with water shortages have adapted the knowledge and understanding of how filtration and wastewater treatment benefits their operations.

New and increasingly stringent regulations on filtration also drive technology forward to meet these increasing demands.

The technology behind the industrial water filters from Filtra-Systems gives companies in a broad range of industries the solutions they need to continue operating at a more affordable cost to them and to the environment.

It is vital for companies to stay informed on the latest technological improvements, in order to make informed decisions about which industrial water filters to use for the most efficient processes.

When you want to learn more about the different types of filters offered for industrial water filtration, Filtra-Systems is ready to share the knowledge and technology you need to operate more efficiently. Call now, 248-427-9090

How Custom-Engineered Industrial Water Purification Systems Can Save You Time and Money

Filtra-Systems has taken its place as a world leader in creating custom industrial water purification solutions by installing over 16,000 systems around the world.

Its secret to providing products that result in superior industrial water filtration is in creating custom industrial water and wastewater filters according to the specific needs of every customer.

Custom Products Result From a Working Partnership with Clients

No one knows the needs of the company like the people who operate it’s processes everyday. That’s why the skilled designers and engineers at Filtra-Systems work as a partner with each client from the initial stages of design, through the testing and engineering phases.

Creating the perfect solution is a collaborative effort that doesn’t end until the industrial water purification system has been installed and is working according to expectations.

Even then, we continue to provide you support to keep your system operating optimally.

Producing the Most Efficient Industrial Water Filtration Process

The process used by Filtra-Systems results in a more sustainable solution that is more efficient by design.

The patented STiR technology used in making industrial water filters are modeled on Continuously Stirred Tank Reactors (CSTR) that provide even mixing of every portion of their tank.

This model allows the STiR to clean 100% of filter media during a single backwash cycle.

The system implements modern walnut shell filter technology to achieve a high removal efficiency when removing oils, greases and suspended solids (TSS). The filtration media is sustainable and expected to last at least 30 years when operated normally.

The efficiency of these industrial water purification and filtration systems means less time and money to operate and maintain the equipment.

Custom solutions also mean that you purchase only the products that you need for optimal operation and nothing more.

The Significance of Advanced Technology

Filtra-Systems uses the most advanced technology and innovative features to create products that will perform efficiently and last a long time. This prevents you from having to reinvest in a new industrial water filtration system every few years.

Filtra-Systems offers a variety of filters for industrial water purification, including absolute rated cartridge filters with a 99.5% efficiency at a given micron rating.

For more information on how to save time and money through more efficient, customized industrial water filtration systems, click here to contact the world leaders at Filtra-Systems. 248-427-9090

How Bag Filter Usage Differs by Industry

At Filtra-Systems, we take our role in providing innovative filtration solutions seriously. Our dedication and expertise extend to the production of industrial bag filters in a wide range of industries.

In every industry that needs bag filter, these bag filters are placed inside of bag filter housings for the purpose of purification by removing solids from wastewater.

They are typically used in the treatment of industrial process water, wastewater, groundwater, and cooling water, along with many others.

In general, bag filters are used in situations where solid material needs to be removed from liquids.

Filtra-Systems works hard at providing industrial bag filters that are both effective and uniquely designed to meet the operational needs of a variety of industries.

Whether you need carbon steel or stainless steel housings, you can count on Filtra-Systems to have them in stock and ready to ship.


The brewing industry uses bag filters to separate grains from sugars, remove proteins from slowing the fermentation process, and also remove any unwanted solids prior to bottling.

This requires different bags, as the tighter bags used towards the end of the process can have adverse effects on beer if used in the early stages of brewing

Mining and Chemical

Bag filters used in these industries must be stainless steel and frequently carry an ASME stamp.

These bag filters and processes must meet stringent regulations, and frequently must be capable of filtering sub-micron particles.

Water and Wastewater Purification

To remove contaminants from water, bag filters along with other purification methods, such as the use of activated carbon or reverse osmosis, are frequently used.

Filtering wastewater for reuse means having the capacity to eliminate all types and sizes of contaminants to meet regulations and ensure safety.

Industrial bag filters are used to filter water according to the type and size of particles that are in the water.

Food and Beverage Production

Industrial bag filters are often used in the food and beverage industry due to their low cost and a high degree of reliability.

When you need a specific type of bag filter for your application, click here and contact Filtra-Systems to discuss your needs. 248-427-9090

3 Benefits of Automatic Filter Presses Have Over Manual Filter Presses

Below are 3 benefits automatic filter presses offer over manual ones.

Benefit One: Increased Filtration Time

Fully automatic filter presses can be rapidly cycled, especially as compared to their manual counterparts. With an automatic belt wash, time spent scraping plates is eliminated, freeing up man-hours for other projects.

The unique design of the Verti-Press utilizes vertically stacked chambers that offer flexibility and improve wash efficiency for a more even product.

Benefit Two: Increased Efficiency

Automation if not removes, then greatly reduces the potential for error in any process, resulting in a safer, more efficient process that uses fewer materials and lowers costs.

The use of an automatic filter press produces more accurate and precise results. The size of the filter cake can be dialed in by selecting the amount of slurry fed into the press during each cycle.

Benefit Three: Requires Less Energy

Any reduction in labor and error results in better energy efficiency.

As multiple industries look for more energy-efficient processes and “green” technology, the benefits of using an automatic filter press are also expected to grow.

The Verti-Press automatic filter press from Filtra-Systems is the most advanced product of its kind available today. Understand the unique needs of organizations within different industries, Filtra-Systems can provide an appropriately sized press to meet the specifications of different applications.

Another Benefit of the Verti-Press

It minimizes the potential for chemical exposure and ensures equipment safety. The Verti-Press from Filtra-Systems may be the best choice for you in filter presses available today.

If you want to know more about the benefits of the automatic Verti-Press filter press from Filtra-Systems, or if you aren’t sure about the filter needed for your application, click here and contact us today.

We have years of experience in filtering and dewatering slurries and can create custom solutions to meet your applications. Call now for your free expert help. 248-427-9090

Which Filtration System Is Right For Your Business?

Choosing the right filter press is essential for an effective filtration system.

It can often be difficult to choose a reliable filter press that is easily maintained, cost-effective, and simple to operate. However, Filtra-Systems offers high-quality filter presses that pass the test of time, and are easily maintained and managed.

For instance, the Verti-Press Vertical Tower Filter Press is an effective and efficient system for slurry dewatering. The multiple stacked chambers allow for a more efficient process.

One advantage is individual chambers can be taken offline to enable continued runtime.

Another advantage is maintenance can be put off until the entire system is shut down, therefore the amount of lost working time is greatly reduced. Your operating costs can be decreased and maintenance processes more easily managed.

Functional industrial filtration systems are essential for many processes.

Filter cakes with remove as much water as possible from the solids in the treatment system are often desired.

The Verti-Press has the power to create a high volume of solids and extract the most water possible.

And, the Verti-Press Tower Filter Press has side seals for a fully enclosed filtrate design, which increases process safety by cutting down on potential process exposure outside of the filter. It is a highly efficient and highly functional industrial filtration system and is at the forefront of filter press technology.

Filtra-Systems has a commitment to continued research and progress in the filtration industry.

Click here and contact us today to see how a Verti-Press can work for you. 248-427-9090