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Industrial Water Filtration Technologies You Need To Know In 2016

Industrial water filtration is an essential process for companies in a variety of industries. It is performed for one of two purposes: either removing waste and purifying water to make it suitable for reuse or to make it safe for disposal. There are standards that these industries must meet depending on their specific use and the contaminants or particles being filtered out. At Filtra-Systems, we use technology to create industrial water filters and other filtration products that will help you meet and exceed the requirements for your industry.

Filtra-Systems does more than keep up with the latest technology; we create it. The company is committed to developing the industrial water filtration products that will provide better solutions across a broad range of industries.

The STiR Technology

The STiR technology is just one example of the more than 35 patents that Filtra-Systems has developed. This filter has been proven to clean 100% of filter media during every backwash cycle. Some of the uses of the STiR filter are river protection filters, groundwater remediation purification, and fuel oil removal.

Choosing the right filtration system, water filters, and related filtration products for the job will result in a more efficient process and an effective solution for that particular job. Filtra-Systems has been providing products with this type of advanced technology to industries for more than three decades. Our dedication to remain on the forefront of industrial water filtration technology will benefit all industries that rely on the most advanced industrial water filters and systems for results that solve the problems that nature and the processes performed by people create.

Technology has never been more important to the area of industrial water filtration. As Filtra-Systems continues to stay on the cutting edge of technology, industries that rely on the most advanced products to address new and increasing problems such as low water availability need to know the best solutions for their particular needs. To learn more about our industrial water filters and the best choices for you, contact Filtra-Systems.

Improving the Performance of Your Systems with Filtra-Systems’ Industrial Water Filtration Technologies

The purpose of industrial water filtration may be to prepare water for reuse or for discharge as wastewater. The type of contaminants removed by any filtration system depends on the source of the water and its previous use. Companies that have to contend with water shortages can increase their potential uses by removing contaminants that would otherwise prevent it from being safe or effective for reuse instead of disposal.

At Filtra-Systems, we take our role of providing wastewater filters to companies seriously. We are dedicated to finding and implementing the technology that produces real solutions for clients while also protecting the environment.

STiR Filtration: Offering the Technology of the Future Today

Our STiR wastewater filters work differently than any other products on the market today. The patented STiR filter can clean 100% of filter media during every single backwash cycle. By using crushed black walnut shell filter media, we make filters that are more efficient at removing oil, grease, and suspended solids than other types of filters.

Both the industrial water filtration system and the filters it uses will play a role in the quality of filtered water. Filtra-Systems also offers a variety of bag filters to enhance the filtration process including:

We have the wastewater filters to meet your specific criteria and conditions. Filtra-Systems has been providing industrial water filtration products to companies in a range of industries since we were founded in 1979. During our decades of research and service, we have installed over 16,000 filtration systems.

During this time, we have also continued to stay on the cutting edge of technology, to bring our customers cost-effective solutions that save them time and money while producing a higher quality filtration system. We are happy to guide you in your selection of wastewater filters to enhance your industrial water filtration systems. Contact us to learn how we can help you optimize your wastewater filtration system and meet your industry’s water standards.

Remove Fine Particulates with an Industrial Cartridge Filter from Filtra-Systems

Consider this fact: both industrial bag filters and cartridge filters are used in various industries to separate particles out of liquids as they pass through the filter media.

The choice of which type to use depends on the type and amount of particulate that needs to be removed.

Industrial bag filters are used in applications where solids must be removed from the liquid. These filters separate the solids from the liquid on the inside of the filter as the liquid flows from the inside of the bag to the outside.

On the other hand, an industrial cartridge filter is preferred when there are low levels of contamination and fine particles need to be removed.

They are also the primary choice for most water purification processes. A cartridge filter may also be used after other types of filters a final piece of protection.

What Sets Filtra-Systems Industrial Cartridge Filters Apart?

Well, the design and materials used to make an industrial cartridge filter determine how effective it will be at separating particulate from a liquid.

There are many industrial filters on the market today, making it difficult for companies to know which type to choose for the most efficient filtration process.

At Filtra-Systems, we make getting the right filter for your application easy.  Another feature that sets our company apart is our carefully engineered and designed filters that offer high flexibility for any industrial filtration system.

No matter what size, media, or characteristics you need, we have the industrial cartridge filter that offers real solutions for your application.

Filtra-Systems works with a wide range of industries providing them with the industrial bag filters and cartridge filters needed to achieve high separation rates. Click here and contact us now to find out the best filter options for your business and facilities, 248-427-9090.

How To Reuse and Reclaim Your Water with Industrial Water Purification Systems

The problems of water shortages are increasing in importance and are one that many different industries face today. Many companies are finding solutions by using industrial water purification systems.

A system that removes the specific types of contaminants that they are dealing with help to reclaim and reuse water after it has been contaminated through other processes.

Filtra-Systems has become a world leader in industrial water purification products and systems that produce real-world solutions.

We evaluate your specific needs before recommending a system that will remove the contaminants needed to meet the standards you need for reclaiming water for reuse.

Industrial water purification systems are designed to remove many different types of contaminants from water including:

  • Toxic Chemicals
  • Solid Particulates
  • Dissolved Particles
  • Entrained Gases
  • Biological Contaminants such as Bacteria

You’ll want an industrial water purification product or system that efficiently and profitably removes these contaminants.

Different types of filtrations products, systems, and filter media are used to target a specific type of contaminants.

Industrial water purification systems used to purify drinking water differ in the degree of contaminants that must be removed than those that are used to filter water for use or reuse with other industrial processes.

There are also different standards that must be met to protect the people in contact with the water, as well as the environment.

Filtra-Systems offers many different industrial water purification systems including custom-designed filtration systems to meet the unique demands of your business.

All of these water purification products are designed using the most advanced technologies to ensure optimum solutions that are also cost-effective.

The most effective use of your industrial water begins with the right choice in industrial water purification systems.

The advanced technology used in our STiR filters has the capacity to clean 100% of the filter media during its backwash cycle. No other product of its kind has this type of capability.

When you want to get the best use or reuse of your available water, click or call us today 248-427-9090 and ask how. We will be happy to share with you which industrial purification solutions will provide the best solutions for your operation and applications.

Improving Your Performance and Water Quality with Industrial Filtration Systems

Mining companies face increasingly challenging situations, that make it more and more difficult to meet the standards of water management.

Mining requires the most efficient industrial filtration systems to ensure that the runoff water from their operations does not pose a risk of contaminating drinking water or the surrounding environment.

Filtra-Systems’ design and use of cutting-edge technology have made us the first choice for the industrial water filtration needs of mining companies that face these difficult challenges meeting their discharge limits.

Unique and Efficient Solutions for Industrial Water Filtration Needs

Like mining companies, other companies struggling to meet discharge limits have characteristics that make them unique.

Their location, the processes they perform, and the ways they use and dispose of water are just some of the details that set them apart.

For example, some mining companies recycle the water they use, so water must sometimes be treated for different reuse and discharge qualities.

Every detail of the company’s water management plan goes towards determining the best products and methods of industrial water filtration for them.

Filtra-Systems’ in-depth knowledge and experience with industrial filtration systems give us the capability to find the best water filtration solutions on an individual basis.

We use the most advanced technology to create industrial water filtration products that offer incomparable efficiency.

Long gone are the limitations of sand filters.

Today, industrial water filters are made to provide more effective, customized solutions to protect the environment as well as the workers who come into contact with contaminants on a daily basis.

Filtra-Systems is leading the way by using technology that delivers real-world results and solutions.

Click here to contact us and find out how you can improve the efficiency of your water management plan. 248-427-9090.

3 Examples of how Removing Contaminants from Your Industrial Water Filtration System Enhances Performance

The issue of industrial water filtration has become more important over the past decade.

Water shortages, higher standards, and environmental safety are just some of the factors that continue to make the efficient filtration of water important to a number of industries.

Choosing the right industrial water filter systems and filters for individual processes enhances the ability of the system to filter out contaminants efficiently.

At Filtra-Systems, we understand the importance of getting the most cost-effective results from every piece of equipment you use.

The STiR technology we developed results in an industrial water filter that exceeds all others in performance.

Below are three examples of how our STiR industrial water filter can improve your filtration process.

  • Lower Susceptibility to Media Fouling – Unlike industrial water filtration systems that use carbon, sand, or anthracite filters, STiR technology removes all of the captured contaminants during every backwash cycle. This highly efficient backwash protects the filter media from fouling.
  • Lower Disposal – Other types of industrial water filters, such as those made from sand, that are used to remove oils and greases from water often cause the filter media to mudball. The end result is a filtration system that doesn’t work, and a high cost to the owner for replacement filters. STiR industrial water filter systems eliminate this risk, making them more effective and affordable to operate.
  • Minimizes Waste Volume – The unique design of the STiR industrial water filter results in lower waste volume, reducing the cost of either disposal or reprocessing.

Using the STiR industrial water filtration system results in a water filtration process that is safer for operators and the environment by removing 95% of solids material and 90% of oil without the use of expensive chemicals.

The effectiveness of the STiR filtration system can have a big big impact on the efficiency of your entire operation.

Want to know more about how the STiR technology can help you improve filtration and increase the efficiency of your industrial water systems? Simply click here and ontact Filtra-Systems today. We’re not yet sure if the STiR is for you, but we may be able to help you find the right filtration solution for your facility and applications.