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Removing nitrate, arsenic, phosphates, PFAS and other groundwater contamination

We are proud to share with you that our senior vice president of business development, Kent Foster, recently talked with Irrigation Leader magazine about this solution to a growing problem we are helping solve.

During the interview, they discussed why it makes sense for rural communities with nitrate & PFOA, PFOS & PFAS contamination issues, that need to be resolved, to take a look at the new our mobile water treatment facility named Voyager.

The Voyager is capable of taking contaminated groundwater, filtering it to remove nitrate, arsenic, phosphates, PFAS and other contaminants to safe drinking water levels, possibly bringing economical water treatment to about 12 different small rural communities.

Click here to read this informative article titled: THE VOYAGER: AN AFFORDABLE RESPONSE TO NITRATE CONTAMINATION

Click here to discover more about the Voyager, our new mobile water treatment system.