How Turnkey Coolant Filtration Systems Can Simplify Your Filtration Process

How would you feel if this time next year you are ahead of your competition, manufacturing more efficiently and more profitably?

Filtra-Systems knows turnkey filtration systems… whether it’s providing replacement technology for a sand filter or full coolant filtration systems.

Our turnkey chip processing and coolant filtration systems make use of resilient design features that can operate continuously to support any size production machining, saving you time, money and headaches.

Creating the ideal coolant filtration system for your company is what we love doing. And because we have built systems for a number of machined products like bearings, gears, crankshafts, camshafts, heads, and engine blocks we can help you with your too.

Thanks to this vast group of clientele and extensive experience in the metal cutting industry, we can design, manufacture, and install customized and optimized filters that integrate smoothly into your existing manufacturing operation.

Whether you need filtration for a flow rate of just 5 gallons per minute or as much as 5,000 gpm, Filtra-Systems has the systems for you.

Have more questions about certain turnkey coolant filtration systems and how these technologies can help your company be more efficient? Click here to contact Filtra-Systems today to learn more or call now 248-427-9090.