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Protecting the Environment with Industrial Water Filters

Protecting the environment is one of the most important considerations for engineers, and the hazards of industrial water filtration must be contained by utilizing quality products and innovative systems that also have a positive impact on performance and efficiency. Filtra-Systems develops and ships products that are engineered to meet your needs while simultaneously protecting the environment by reducing pollutants.

Filtra-Systems prides itself on ensuring that our equipment minimizes the risk of exposure to workers and to the environment by creating some of the most reliable products in the industrial water filtration space. Our products include proprietary technologies to provide you with the cleanest water possible, and our products are customizable with current industrial water filtration systems.

Industry-Leading Products

Filtra-Systems provides industrial water filters such as the STiR Filter, unmatched among competing technologies. Using our patented fluidization technology, our industrial water filter is capable of cleaning 100% of filter media in the backwash cycle. We have used this filter in systems around the world to protect rivers and other natural watercourses from pollution. Our STiR filter’s dynamic backwashing system minimizes waste volume for added efficiency. Better yet, the STiR Industrial Water Filter is pre-assembled at the factory to lower freight and installation costs.

Protecting the Environment with Efficient Products

The STiR Filter is the perfect example of the engineering standards Filtra-Systems abides by. Compared to older and outdated purification systems, our products set a new standard for efficiency and reliability in the market. For example, the STiR Filter provides more efficient filtration, especially in the removal of oil, than filters that utilize traditional filter media such as sand. This filter can remove 95% of solid material and 90% of oil at 5 micron – all without the use of chemicals.

Learn more about our industrial water filters, including the STiR Filter, by contacting us today!

Why You Should Replace Your Industrial Sand Filter

Sand filters have been used for water filtration since the early 19th century, and their success is mainly due to their simple design. Filtra-Systems has over 30 years of experience providing advanced industrial water filtration systems to our clients, and that has shown us that there are drawbacks to using sand filtration, especially in modern times, when companies have become increasingly aware of the need to conserve energy and lower overall water usage.

Filtra-Systems Understands the Drawbacks of Industrial Sand Filtration

Sand filters are often used in areas in which removal of suspended matter from water or waste water is required. Unfortunately, these filters also require frequent cleaning, which in turn produces large quantities of polluted rinse water that itself must then be cleaned and disposed of properly. This can create environmental issues and increased maintenance costs.

Additional problems can arise when the water source introduces oil into the sand filter. This can cause the sand bed to become clogged and uncleanable, even when treated with extended backwash cycles, and results in increased disposal costs and potentially unsafe water. Typical sand replacement is every 3-5 years, but the introduction of oil can dramatically decrease the life of the bed.

The Best Replacement Technology for a Sand Filter May Not Be a New Sand Filter

Filtra-Systems can help you to find a replacement for your industrial sand filter that provides improved water quality while reducing bed replacement costs and lowering backwash volumes. The solution we offer for replacement of sand filters is the patented STiR Walnut Shell Filter, which can decrease your use of chemical compounds while producing higher removal efficiencies, especially of oil and grease. Plus, the walnut shell media in the STiR never needs to be replaced.

So contact Filtra-Systems today to learn more about the STiR and other industrial water filtration systems that can save you money while improving efficiency.

Water Filtration Equipment Ensures a Smooth Operation

Filtra-Systems is a leading expert in the field of industrial water filtration solutions. With more than 30 years of experience installing waste water filtration systems, we know what it takes to ensure that our filtration systems operate smoothly without excess maintenance. We provide some of the highest performing waste water filters on the market, and we also ensure that you have a reliable source of bag and cartridge filters to minimize downtime.

We Have a Waste Water Filter Solution for Your Needs

Filtra-Systems makes use of some of the most advanced filtration systems, including our patented STiR technology, to ensure that the filter media in your systems is left as clean as possible after every backwash cycle. We also offer a walnut shell media filter option that separates suspended solids and oil from industrial waste water. Walnut shell media offers an advantage over other filter media such as anthracite, sand media, and activated carbon, as walnut shells are much more resistant to media fouling. Meanwhile, other filter media has a more difficult time completely fluidizing during a backwash cycle. The STiR has been proven to completely fluidize its bed during every backwash cycle.

A Wide Selection of Bag and Cartridge Filters for Every System

Filtra-Systems is about more than just offering cutting edge, high-performance waste water filters. Our complete line of bag and cartridge filters features a wide selection of different filter media to offer flexibility, and allow us to meet your water filtration needs. We offer polyester, polypropylene, nylon monofilament mesh, oil absorption, and activated carbon filter bags to polypropylene, nylon, and polyester cartridge filters available in several different micron ratings, our bag and cartridge filters offer the versatility you need for your filtration system. Additionally, our bag and cartridge filters are rated to as high as 338 F, ensuring smooth operation at whatever temperature your system requires.

Interested in learning more about our waste water filters or our bag and cartridge filter solutions? Contact Filtra-Systems today to have your questions answered about you can ensure that your own water filter system runs smoothly.

Improving Performance with Industrial Water Filters

Whether it’s an industrial water filter or a waste water filter, industrial water purification systems are crucial to any large-scale operation that has a need to ensure that large quantities of water are cleaned reliably and consistently. With more than three decades worth of experience in the water filtration industry, Filtra-Systems knows the value of high-performance industrial water filters – and our STiR walnut shell filter technology has what it takes to improve the filtration performance of your organization.

Patented Technology Proven to be 100% Effective

Filtra-Systems’ patented STiR technology has been proven to clean 100% of filter media during each and every backwash cycle. This is a marked improvement from other filtration technologies, such as carbon, anthracite, and sand media filters, as these filtration systems have a higher susceptibility to media fouling. Additionally, these types of industrial water filters neglect to fluidize media completely during backwash cycles. The STiR tracks the differential pressure as water flows over the media bed. Because it always returns to the same pressure differential after a backwash, we know that all contaminants have been removed.

STiR filters also feature increased effectiveness when it comes to disposal and maintenance costs. When other waste water filters like sand filters are tasked with cleaning oil from contaminated water sources, this often causes filter media to “mudball” to the point where it becomes largely ineffective, even when subjected to extended or additional backwash cycles. The end product is possibly unsafe water and increased disposal costs – as well as a heightened replacement cycle for the filter media. With Filtra-Systems STiR technology these risks are minimized, helping to control costs and increase the effectiveness of your industrial water filter system.

Innovation at Work for Improved Filtration Performance

Our STiR technology uses a vacuum pump to draw water through the crushed black walnut shell media bed. Contaminants captured by the filter system restrict water flow, which increases the differential pressure across the bed. Once this pressure reaches a set point, the backwash cycle begins. During this cycle, the filtration media is cleansed and any contaminants are eliminated through the use of an agitator, which mixes the contaminants and filter media together before pumping the waste water through a backwash pipe. The backwash screen allows the contaminated water to exit while the filter media remains behind for another filtration cycle.

Want to learn more about our patented STiR system? Contact Filtra-Systems today to see how we can provide you with a system that increases your filtration performance and saves you money.

How Filtra-Systems’ Turnkey Industrial Water Filtration Solutions Eliminate Waste

Our industrial water filtration solutions work in a variety of ways to eliminate waste from your wastewater and groundwater. These technologies are used by industries across the globe to filter their water, with Filtra-Systems offering a selections of products to choose from based on your needs.

We offer specialized industrial water filters and products to enhance the efficiency of your systems. More importantly, Filtra-Systems also designs and ships industrial water purification systems across the globe. These specialized systems are customized for each of our clients.

Some of these technologies and industrial water purification systems include:

Bag and Cartridge Filters

STiR Industrial Water Filter

Walnut Shell Media Filter

Water Filtration Solutions

Filtra-Systems offers proprietary water filtration solutions for a variety of needs. Our Bag Filter Housings, for instance, can be used for an array of applications including brewing, coolant filtration, injection water, and more. Our Cartridge Filter Housings fit multiple cartridge types, including double open ended (DOE), Type 222, and Type 226 (sanitary).

We offer effective industrial water filtration solutions as well, which assist with the removal of suspended oils and solids like our STiR Industrial Water Filter. In fact, the STiR removes up to 99% of suspended solids and insoluble carbons under normal operating conditions. The smallest vessel available processes 50 gpm, and the largest can process up to 6500 gpm. STiR filters are shipped pre-assembled and skid mounted. This is just one example of a turnkey solution that Filtra-Solutions offers our customers.

With a backwash modeled on a Continuous Stirred-Tank Reactor, our Deep Bed Walnut Shell Media Filter is another example of a product we designed for maximum efficiency in eliminating waste from your system. This filtration system is much more effective than traditional sand filters for the removal of oil & grease, making it one of the most efficient systems on the market.

If you’d like to learn more about addressing your industrial water filtration needs, contact us today to speak with a member of our team.

Industrial Water Filtration Solutions For Your Industry

Not all industries require the same industrial water filtration system, so Filtra-Systems provides a wide range of products, as well as customized solutions, for many different industries and needs. Some of our solutions include industrial process water systems, wastewater solutions, groundwater solutions, and units for cooling water. Whatever your industry’s needs, we provide systems to efficiently filter out contaminants and particulate.

Industrial Process and Wastewater Solutions

The STiR Walnut Shell Media filter provides solutions for both process water and wastewater. This system is aimed at reusing water, which has both an economical and environmental impact. This system uses a walnut shell media, which is adept at removing both total suspended solids (TSS) and oils from water, while also minimizing the amount of backwash water that is required. The STiR typically backwashes with less than 0.5% of the total water throughput, and in most cases clean water is not required for a backwash.

Groundwater and Cooling Water Systems

Cooling water systems frequently employ either walnut shell filters or bag filters to remove several different types of contaminants. Clean water can be sent back to the cooling source, and water is reused. Groundwater systems include applications where runoff water needs to be filtered. Bag filters are also frequently used, especially in situations where constant filtration is not needed (eg rainwater causes liquid levels to rise, and require filtration). Many different bags are available, and each bag has different properties for different applications. The bag material can be varied for changing liquid stream compositions, such as the addition of oil. Different micron ratings are available for different removal efficiencies. We provide systems which are easily maintained and flexible to your needs.

Overall, each business needs its own, individually selected solution to filter their water. Filtra-Systems is there to provide these different options for each companies preferred filtration system. These products will help your project as cost effective as possible, and our products stand the test of time so you can keep the same filtration system for many years to come.

Three Benefits of Wastewater Filtration

Wastewater filtration is a prudent practice for industrial companies, as it eliminates contaminants and other harmful substances from water and allows for proper disposal of those contaminants. In addition to the savings from water costs, it also has environmental implications, including reducing pollutant emissions. This reduction of pollution protects water supplies and other natural resources. Industrial plants across the country can benefit from flexible wastewater filtration solutions to make their commercial maintenance more efficient, and the following benefits are a direct result of applying an effective wastewater treatment solution.

Save On Expenses

In the past, companies could simply dump their waste into the nearest body of water.  Times have changed, and in many cases today simply disposing of untreated wastewater either into a water source or down the drain will incur heavy fines. By utilizing wastewater treatment solutions, this water can be reused, reducing your average expenses and transforming your wastewater into a money-saving asset instead of a burden. Also, fully automated solutions, like our STiR filter, reduce labor and decrease disposal costs to increase your bottom line.

Environmental Factors

Environmentally concious wastewater systems ensure that your company remains compliant with all relevant pollution laws, and does not harm the environment. By repurposing tainted water and turning it into something of value to your company, you remove the need for long distance transport and other wasted actions. Instead, you convert wastewater into a useful resource. These wastewater treatment systems also reduce your water consumption and discharge and produce minimal emissions compared to other systems.

Flexible Systems

Wastewater filtration provides flexible systems for water purification. As burgeoning technologies become available, you can integrate new solutions into your wastewater treatment systems to improve efficiency. Wastewater filtration is a scalable resource for commercial applications, which maximizes cost savings and maintains environmental compliance over time.

For more information on integrating a wastewater filtration system into your commercial business, contact us today, and stay tuned to our blog for in-depth articles on industrial filtration solutions.

Types of Industrial Water Treatment Equipment

Industrial water treatment equipment comes in a variety of implementations, all designed to suit particular operating needs. Filter presses, bed filters, cartridge filters and bag filters all excel in their intended applications. We’ll look at each type of filter and examine what applications it is most appropriate for below.

Filter Presses

Where most industrial water treatment equipment is designed to remove solid material from water, filter presses are designed to remove water from the solids. Filter presses are ideal for any filtration application where enough material needs to be removed so that more conventional filtration methods would be ineffective. A filter press operates, as the name implies, by exerting physical pressure usually in the form of either air or a water-filled diaphragm on a slurry mixture and extracting the moisture. The remaining cake of material is then disposed of.

Bed Filters

Bed Filters are filters with a bed of material (typically crushed walnut shell, sand, anthracite or activated carbon) that removes contaminants. Material is collected throughout the depth of the bed, allowing large amounts of material to be collected before a backwash cycle is initiated. Inlet water pumps through the filtration medium, which collects and suspends contaminants. Once the medium is saturated with contaminants, a backwash cycle is initiated. The filtration medium is fluidized and washed. This industrial water filtration method cleans the medium and readies the filter for use. This reuse of the filtration medium minimizes waste associated with the process.

Cartridge Filters

Cartridge filters are disposable, replaceable, self-contained filtration units. They consist of a central perforated core wrapped in layers of filtration material. Inlet water is pumped in through the top of the filter core, and passes through the walls of the filter. Contaminants can be caught throught the depth of the filter cartrige, which allows individual cartridges to achieve very high filtration efficiencies. Cartridge filters are typically used where high purity water is required.

Bag Filters

Bag filters are similar to cartridge filters in that they are also disposable and replaceable. Bag filters are shaped like a large sock, and are sometimes called sock filters or filter pots. They catch contaminants on the surface of the bag, and are typically used as a low cost option to remove particulate from wastewater streams.

Industrial Wastewater Treatment Solutions For Your Company

Selecting the right water treatment solutions for your particular needs is sometimes a difficult process.  There are a lot of contributing factors to consider: the rate of filtration, the size of expected contaminants, the harshness of the expected operating environment, and even the intended use of the filtered water.  Fortunately, there are many industrial water solutions available and, with some consideration, the best water filtration equipment for the job can be determined.

Intended Use

One of the most important factors in selecting the right water treatment solution is its intended use.  For some applications, the clean water itself is the desired product of the process.  For others, the material that is filtered is the primary concern.

If the water itself is the focus of the filtration, there are many solutions that may be appropriate.  Factors such as flow rate and minimum contaminant size become more important.  If the water you are filtering contains oil-based contaminants, walnut shell media would be a good choice.  If the water is intended for drinking, there are a number of bag filters with an activated carbon layer that would remove any unwanted tastes and smells.

Flow Rate

Desired flow rate is a signficant point to consider when selecting water filtration equipment.  Cartridge filters, bag filters, deep bed filters, and filter presses are all sized differently, and the liquid flow rate can have a large effect on the size of the filter.  It is important to have a general notion of how much fluid you will need to pass through your industrial water filter to meet your production needs.

Operating Conditions

It’s also necessary to consider the conditions under which your industrial water treatment system will operate.  Bag filters, for instance, are an excellent disposable filter medium, yet many are not rated for high-temperature applications.  The corrosivity and other chemical properties of the inlet water (eg acidity) will also determine what materials need to be used for both the filter medium and filter housing.

There is a wide range of water treatment solutions available, and we can help you find the right fit for your particular need.  Get in contact with one of our filtration experts and we can help find the right solution for you.

How Industrial Water Filters Work

Industrial water filter design centers around separating contaminants, either solid or liquid, from a process fluid.  There are generally two types of industrial water filters designed for this use: surface filters, which consist of a single layer of filter material and rely on physically straining the fluid to extract contaminants, and depth filters, which are designed to use a porous filtration medium to collect contaminants throughout the medium, rather than just on the surface.  Depth filters are used predominantly in industrial water treatment because they allow the filter to retain a higher volume of contaminants before becoming clogged. This is due to the substantially higher available collection area (since contaminants are being collected throughout the depth of the medium, rather than merely on the surface layer of the filter).

Depth filters used in industrial water filtration typically use one of two types of filtration systems: filters with a bed of media, or cartridge filters.  While both of these systems perform similar activities, they differ in their effectiveness and optimal use.  Both types of filtration systems rely on fluid being forced through the filtration medium, either by pumping or using gravity to drain through.

Fluid is driven through the filter medium following constricted, tortuous routes, and the contaminants are caught, either due to direct collision with the filtration medium or precipitated by molecular attractive forces.  The selection of the type of filter media to remove contaminants is dependant on removal goals, as well as the type of contaminant.

Deep Bed Filters

Many different types of material are used in filter beds.  Sand filters are typically used in municipal treatment plants, walnut shell filters where oil removal is needed, and activated carbon for removal of heavy metals and other contaminants.  Over time, once the filter becomes restricted with captured particulates, a backwash of the bed is initiated.  Flow is redirected so that the downstream equipment is not contaminated, and the filtering layers are mechanically agitated.  Water is circulated through the filter during the agitation process to collect contaminants and, once the process is complete, exits through the backwash screen.  This screen allows the waste to pass through while retaining all of the filter media.  The wastewater is then sent to either upstream processing equipment or waste handling, and the filter is again ready for use.

Deep bed filters are used to filter drinking water, polish wastewater or cooling water, and as pretreatment for water desalination.  They are particularly effective as a means of removing solid particulates while minmizing maintenance.  The ability to backwash deep bed filters eliminates the need to replace filter media.  If activated carbon is used as a filtration medium, the filtration process will also remove tastes and smells from the filtered water.

Cartridge Filters

Cartridge filters for industrial water treatment systems usually consist of a single piece of filter material wound around a perforated cylinder, which is made of metal or plastic.  The unfiltered fluid enters the filter and is forced through the medium.  Once the filtration medium has reached its maximum contaminant load, it is discarded.  Cartridge filters are a low cost alternative to bed filters, that can achieve very high contaminant removal efficiencies at a fraction of the cost.