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Using A Walnut Shell Filter As An RO Protection Filter

The purity of boiler feed water can be a critical part of the manufacturing process. This water needs to be free from contaminants in order for the boiler to operate correctly, without frequent shutdown for maintenance.

For this reason, a membrane filtration train is frequently used. Unfortunately, the exposure of plant water to the manufacturing process means that the feed water can be contaminated with both high levels of oils and solid material.

Frequently, the membrane filtration will need an upstream filter, to extend the life of the filters and protect membranes.

The STiR walnut shell filter was selected by a global tire manufacturer to solve these issues related to its’ membrane filtration train.

Their train included reverse osmosis and nanofiltration, and was made unviable because of high levels of oil in its’ boiler feed water. Oil levels were so high the train was taken offline until a solution could be found, and the recirculated water could not be used in the boiler.

Walnut shell media was selected because of its’ ability to remove free oils and greases without causing damage to the media bed.

You see, sand filters and carbon filters may blind prematurely when exposed to free oils, necessitating frequent bed changes.

Walnut shells catch oil droplets on their surface, which are easily removed during backwash cycles. This means that a walnut shell media bed does not need to be replaced when exposed to oil, and has a lifespan of approximately 20-25 years.

The walnut shell filter protects the RO system and nanofiltration membranes, significantly reducing the oil load to them. The free oil concentration was reduced from as high as 85 ppm to less than 1 ppm. This reduced the frequency of membrane fouling, reducing the total purchasing cost.

It also reduced the maintenance requirement of the membrane filters, while protecting the RO system from oil slugs which had caused it to rapidly foul.

Additionally, water heating costs were reduced, as water could now be sent directly back to the boiler.

Filtra-Systems Joins Forces With Chickasaw Nation Industries To Continue Growth In The Industrial Filtration Market

[September 1, 2016] – Filtra-Systems Company “Filtra” and CNI Commercial, LLC “CNI” (a subsidiary of Chickasaw National Industries, Inc.) are pleased to announce CNI’s majority equity investment in Filtra.

CNI brings significant resources and industry relationships to complement Filtra, the global leader in custom industrial filtration and separation systems.

Additionally, as a tribally-owned enterprise, CNI brings Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) status to the partnership.

Scott and Keith Bratten will continue to oversee Filtra’s corporate strategy and operations as the company look to continue growth and expansion opportunities.

The transaction includes a contribution by CNI of its manufacturing facility in Oklahoma which, on a combined basis, provides for significant expansion opportunities, additional manufacturing capabilities and global scale.

Chickasaw Nation Governor Bill Anoatubby said that CNI’s investment in Filtra will benefit everyone involved.  “We believe this investment in Filtra-Systems is a great strategic investment for CNI and an excellent economic development opportunity for the Chickasaw Nation,” said Gov. Anoatubby. “This collaboration offers the potential to build on the current success of Filtra, while also expanding operations and increasing employment opportunities at our manufacturing facility in Marietta, OK.”

Scott Bratten, CEO of Filtra, added, “We are thrilled to be partnering with the Chickasaw team and to find new ways to expand our business. We are confident that we can take our portfolio of proprietary products to an even larger customer base by working together.”  David Nimmo, CEO of CNI, added, “Filtra has built a tremendous business that shares CNI’s core values and advances our efforts to provide high-quality, custom-engineered products to our customers.

The Filtra management team and their employees have developed some of the best technology for environmentally-friendly wastewater filtration, which is an important concern for the people of Oklahoma and beyond.”

The terms of the transaction are not being disclosed.

About Filtra-Systems “Filtra”:

Filtra, based in Farmington Hills, MI, is the global leader in custom-engineered industrial filtration and separation systems.  Filtra brings over 34 years of experience working with blue-chip players in the automotive, aerospace, energy and other industrial sectors.  Filtra has installed over 16,000 filtration systems worldwide including machine tool coolant filtration systems, liquid-solid separation systems, chip processing systems and mist collection systems (to name a few) while developing a portfolio of over 50 patents.

About Chickasaw Nation Industries, Inc. “CNI”:

CNI is a federally-chartered corporation wholly owned by the Chickasaw Nation. Headquartered in Norman, Oklahoma, CNI serves as a holding company with over a dozen subsidiaries that operate as Limited Liability Companies (LLCs) engaged in multiple lines of business. CNI is proud to support the economic development of the Chickasaw Nation and to contribute to the tribal mission of enhancing the overall quality of life of the Chickasaw people.

Why A Customized Filtration Solution Might Be Right For Your Business

If your current industrial water filtration isn’t cutting it, you need to explore more options beyond your current system. At Filtra-Systems, we believe in helping your company save money while providing quality industrial water filtration systems. Our products help increase efficiency and operation output.

Why would a customized filtration solution be right for your business?

It’s simple. Not every filtration system demands the same solutions. At Filtra-Systems we believe that in order to meet the unique demands of your company, it is necessary to implement customized filtration solutions. Our team of industrial water filtration experts will work with you every step of the way to find a product that suits your needs, while maximizing efficiency and production. Many companies will attempt to sell you products you don’t necessarily need in order to make a sale. Unlike those other companies, our staff has your company’s best interests in mind while making recommendations. We want you to be thoroughly satisfied with your filtration solution, and have based our 30 years of operation on that principle.

We believe in creating technology based on our extensive knowledge and testing of industrial water filtration and industrial water purification systems. Every product we design includes systems that are tested and engineered with the most advanced technologies and information. Our experts receive constant input from customers on how to improve and redesign products, for optimal operation in a variety of industries.

We assure you that any customized filtration solution you purchase from us has been tested and proven. Your company’s filtration needs are our top priority. We design and engineer our products based on your needs and feedback. This fundamental of Filtra-Systems is what makes us stand out in the world of industrial water filtration systems. Contact one our water treatment professionals and find a customized filtration solution that will be right for your business.

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Remove Contaminants with Filtra-Systems’ Wastewater Filters

Filtra-Systems has been providing water filtration solutions on a global level for almost four decades. We know our way around wastewater filters, thanks to our experience in designing, installing, and then maintaining these filtration systems.

In fact, we have been providing industrial bag filters for our clients for just as long. We know how to design a filtration system that operates smoothly and provides optimal filtration for our clients, without the need for excessive maintenance.

By utilizing advanced technologies, Filtra-Systems keeps industrial water systems functioning at peak efficiency.

Wastewater Filters For All Industries

We take our role of providing innovative filtration solutions seriously, which is why Filtra-Systems is constantly designing new types of wastewater filters that operate in ways the industry has never seen before.

This includes our patented STiR filtration technology, which is capable of cleaning 100% of filter media every single backwash cycle. The wastewater filters we have developed incorporate the use of crushed black walnut shell as a filter media, a very resilient material that can be sustainably sourced, and is also much more efficient at removing particulate when compared to anthracite or carbon filters.

Industrial Bag Filters of All Types and Needs

Of course, no wastewater filtration system is complete without the proper industrial bag filters installed as a final protection.

Here at Filtra-Systems, we know that any high-performance wastewater filter needs to be paired together with the perfect industrial bag filters to get the most out of your filtration system, and that’s why we offer a large array of filters to satisfy the needs of our clients.

Our bag filter choices include oil absorption, nylon monofilament mesh, activated carbon, and needle felt filter bags.

These filters are durable enough to withstand a large range of operational temperatures, from near freezing to 338 degrees Fahrenheit.

Want more information about our industrial bag filters and our wastewater filtration solution? Contact Filtra-Systems today, 248-427-9090 to have all your questions answered.

An Overview of Customized Industrial Water Filtration Products Offered By Filtra-Systems

Filtra-Systems is a world-class provider of wastewater filters and industrial water filters to a wide array of industries that rely on water filtration in their daily operation.

With more than three decades worth of experience and expertise, we have a variety of proprietary filtration options, including back washable filters, such as walnut shell media systems that can recycle wastewater or filter it to even the strictest of environmental guidelines for disposal.

Ideal Solutions for Waste Water or Industrial Filtration Needs

We have the ideal solution you need for your wastewater filter or industrial water filter requirements.

Filtra-Systems will provide your organization with custom-designed, turnkey and industry-specific filtration solutions for your company, making use of the most innovative and proven technologies appropriate for your industry.

Filtra-Systems has built its reputation on innovative approaches to industrial water filtration through the research, development and implementation of a series of patented technologies.

In fact, we take great pride in our ability to create both efficient, cost-effective and profitable (for you) filtration systems for every application you need.

Highly Effective and Innovative Technologies

One of Filtra-Systems’ premier systems is its patented STiR technology, which has the capability of cleaning 100% of filter media during backwash cycles.

This is much improved over older, less efficient systems that use other filter media, like anthracite, sand or carbon, that cannot completely fluidize during a backwash cycle.

Functioning on vacuum pressure, our STiR filters capture contaminants by catching solid material in the tortuous path of the walnut shell media bed.

The filter media is thoroughly cleaned by the agitator, which mixes the filter media and any contaminants before pumping all contaminated water through the backwash screen, leaving the filter media behind for further filtration cycles.

What questions do you have about Filtra-Systems and our patented wastewater filters? Contact us by clicking here or call now 248-427-9090.

How Bag and Cartridge Filters Reduce Disposal Cost

Bag and Cartridge Wastewater Filters Can Help You Save Money

Water filtration can greatly reduce your waste disposal costs. How? When suspended solids are removed fromyour waste water, in many cases, it can simply be disposed of to a sewer system.

However, levels higher than allowed can incur fines, and even force the hauling of water off-site for disposal. Even more savings can be achieved with the use of pleated bags.

Seriously, in industries where the filter medium is treated as a hazardous waste (i.e. frac water), the minimization of media to be disposed of is paramount.

Pleated bags have a much greater surface area than standard bags, yet fit into the same housing. This allows for greater contaminant removal in a single piece of media. Pleated bags can remove up to 10X the contaminants as standard bags.

Bag and Cartridge Filters for a Variety of Projects

However, we do more than simply offer wastewater filters. Filtra-Systems carries a wide line of bag and cartridge housings and filters providing you the flexibility needed for your industrial water filtration challenges.

We stock activated carbon filter bags, oil absorption bags, nylon monofilament mesh, polyester and polypropylene. Cartridges are available in polyester, polypropylene, and nylon and come in a wide variety of micron sizes.

The reality is, bag and cartridge filter products are ideal for any number of different water filtration systems.

These filters can handle a range of operating temperatures and are designed for operation near-freezing to up to 338 degrees Fahrenheit.

How open-minded are you to bag and cartridge filter solutions? Click here to contact Filtra-Systems or call 248-427-9090 now. We’ll answer all your questions and share with you how easy, cost-efficient and profitable it can be to keep your water filtration systems running at full capacity.

Why A Customized Industrial Water Treatment System is Your Superior Choice

Do you have an aging industrial water treatment system, or is your system inefficient?

Often when you purchase a system from a disreputable supplier the effectiveness of your industrial water treatment system is in question.

Also, aging systems can incur substantial maintenance fees and result in poor treatment of your wastewater or groundwater.

On the other hand, a customized industrial system can provide your business with an incredibly efficient industrial water treatment system.

Filtra-Systems has a diverse lineup of products, ranging from bag and cartridge filters to walnut shell filters.

Each of these products are designed with the highest quality and efficiency in mind, and we offer customized solutions to address all of your filtration and cooling needs.

Our team members have decades of experience in designing, building, and installing several types of customized industrial water treatment solutions for different industries.

Some of these industries include the metalworking industry, water and wastewater industry, and chemical industries.

Each process is different and customized to each of these industries and clients. For example, Filtra-Systems developed several technologies to remove suspended solids and oil from industrial wastewater, allowing the water to be recycled in the wastewater industry.

We also developed technologies to reduce energy consumption and cut down on labor requirements to maintain systems in the chemical industry.

Our effective customized solutions are based upon years of research and development. Our research and development allow us to create innovative products that stand the test of time and are of the highest quality, consistently delivering results to our current clients.

To learn more about our customized solutions, including how to begin to take advantage of our years of development experience, click here to contact Filtra-Systems today and speak with one of our filtration experts. 248-427-9090

Common Pitfalls of Poorly Designed Coolant Filtration Systems

Coolant filtration systems are essential for any mechanized production.

Filtering coolant eliminates small particles from the fluid, including little pieces of metal that can cause problems with pumps, nozzles, and part cleanliness if not removed.

However, if designed improperly, coolant filtration systems can cause serious problems for your other systems and the workspace.

Keep reading and discover some common pitfalls of some systems, followed by Filtra-Systems’ solutions to some of these problems.

Common Filtration Pitfalls

One potential pitfall of poorly designed coolant filtration solutions is their location in a building.

Some coolant filtration systems require massive trenches or pits to accommodate them. Once the position of the trench has been established, the location of the filtration system is locked.

Conversely, the location of all other equipment in the plant is locked by the positioning of this fluid.

Since the piping for coolant also takes up space, it is frequently placed under the work floor, in trenches. Again, the location of cutting tools is limited by its proximity to the trenches.

Pumps must also be sized to pull coolant from the tool to the coolant system, and sent back to the tool at the correct temperature,  flow and pressure.

Without taking these items into consideration, the whole workspace may need to be remodeled, costing you time and resources.

Filtra-Systems Solutions

Filtra-Systems works with you from setup to installation to ensure that all customized equipment is implemented in the correct way.

We offer two separate solutions for our coolant filtration system.

The first is a drum filter system. Traditionally, this system requires a sloped trench in the workplace, making it imperative to plan the location of the trench and the surrounding equipment. A location for a central pit is also needed.

More common now are Hydro-Vac Central Coolant Filtration Systems. These centrally located systems are placed on the plant floor, instead of in trenches.

Clients have the freedom to place this unit wherever it is best suited, with other materials and machinery already in place. This also provides the freedom to make adjustments once the plant is up and running.

Both of these systems are designed and constructed with great care to ensure the system works according to your company’s specifications.

Click here to contact Filtra-Systems today and let’s talk about your possible coolant filtration solutions and find a custom formula that meets all your filtration needs. Or call 248-427-9090. You’ll be glad you called.


Bag Filter Magnetic Inserts

Did you know the buildup of ferrous material poses a serious risk to not only coolant filtration systems but to the quality of products produced by a manufacturer?

This unwanted material can damage cutting tools and compromise the quality of finished parts.

Many companies in a variety of industries use bag filter systems to help eliminate this material from their operations.  While bag filters are a great first step in combatting this problem, magnetic inserts offer significant benefits to companies that use bag filters in their factories.

Magnetic Inserts For Improved Performance

Magnetic inserts can improve the lifespan and effectiveness of bag filters.  A typical bag filter system would use just the bags to remove material from the coolant.

Unfortunately, bags have a limit to the size of particles they can remove (bags that are sized too tightly will remove important coolant additives in addition to waste).

On the other hand, magnetic bars do not suffer from this deficiency.  These bars are able to remove magnetic particles that would otherwise pass through the pores of bags.

To remove even the smallest particles, the flow should be limited so that the fluid has the greatest possible contact time with the magnets.  To maximize fluid contact time, the system should always operate with a laminar flow.

Less Maintenance & Longer Lifespan

Bag filter systems that do not take advantage of magnetic bars solely rely on the bag to filter out ferrous material.

Naturally, bags that have reached the end of their useful life have to be replaced by plant personnel to complete the changeover.

The fact is, magnetic inserts increase the longevity of the bags by removing particulate before it even contacts the bag.

As a result, bags last longer, which directly translates to fewer man-hours that will be spent changing bags.

Cleaning the magnets is itself simple as well.  When bags eventually plug, simply removing the magnet from its frame and wiping it off is all that’s needed to properly maintain them.

Our magnets have an endless life, meaning that they do not need to be replaced over the life of the product.

Let’s talk and see how adding magnetic inserts to your bag filters can save you time, media and headaches. Call now 248-427-9090.

How To Size A Filter Press

One of the most common questions we receive from you typically relates to the filter sizing process for our filter presses.

Automatic Filter Presses have proven themselves to be incredibly versatile and have a wide variety of industrial applications.  These filters are important parts of the manufacturing process for thousands of our customers around the world, in a multitude of industries.

From mineral processing at mines to municipal waste to biodiesel production, filter presses have proven themselves useful over decades of use.

Excellence Through Testing

You see, testing is the most important part of the sizing process, which we do prior to the design phase.

Properly sizing a filter press is accomplished by testing product slurries using a direct representation of the full scale filter.

This simple step has been incredibly useful in eliminating many future problems, including wasteful spending on overly large equipment, as well as production issues associated with undersized equipment.

The first piece of information our team of engineers needs when sizing a filter press is the mass of dry solids in the system.

A representative sample is needed to find the dry solid mass in slurry.  We first weigh the sample and place it in an oven to dry.  When all of the water has evaporated, we reweigh the sample. The difference in masses tells us how much water was in the sample and the ratio of solids to water.

Running a filtration test allows us to determine the time a filter will take to run one cycle and the amount of slurry the filter is able to efficiently process.

Testing helps to plan ahead and deliver the best-finished system to you and your team.  We have bench scale Verti-Press tower filter presses that are used to size filters for new applications.

Cake conditions and cycle times are optimized so that the correct press size (measured in filtration area) can be implemented.

This testing process allows the team to learn all of the wet and dry cake characteristics, and the cake thickness limits prior to production.  If needed, cake wash water volumes and cycle times may also be analyzed to prove solids purity.

This thorough testing process allows us to achieve excellence and minimize problems that can occur on site.

The bench-scale Verti-Press sizes a full-scale unit by using a simple equation to scale up.  The common formula to do this is:

(m_b)/[(A_b)*(t_b)/60] = (m ̇_f)/(A_f)


m_b = dry mass of bench scale filter cake (lb)
A_b = area of bench scale filter press (ft3)
t_b = time of test cycle (minutes)
m ̇_f = dry mass to be processed (lb/hr)
A_f = area of full scale filter press (ft3)

Different types of media may also be investigated in order to find the one most suitable for the job.  The best filter belt to use will be tight enough that there is no particulate in the filtrate and will be rugged enough to last for many cycles.

We invite you to call now, 248-427-9090, and talk to one of our expert filtration engineers.