Central Machine Tool Coolant Filtration Systems Customized For Your Applications

As a world leader in industrial filtration systems, Filtra-Systems has collaborated with a number of customers during a business run that exceeds 30 years. When it comes to coolant filtration systems  meant for industrial use, there aren’t many more relevant options than Filtra-Systems. By designing and customizing filtration systems over the years, Filtra-Systems has acquired the type of experience that all industrial leaders should gravitate towards when it comes to their coolant filtration needs. Filtra-Systems offers various types of coolant filters, each meant to fit the specific needs of the customer in question. Some of these options include pressure, vacuum, and magnetic filters. Filtra-Systems central machine tool coolant filtration systems are built to offer complete central coolant filtration systems and coolant filters which operate at the required temperature, flow rate, pressure, and clarity.


Traditionally, central coolant filtration systems were placed below the level of the plant floor, in galleries or pits. Back in those days, floor trenches were used to transfer the dirty coolant from the machine tool to the coolant filter, which by necessity was located in a pit, under the sloping trench’s end.


These days, the large majority of central filtration installations are carried out right on the plant floor. This installation method does away with the trench; the pit must also be lined and officially deemed a confined space. In cases where a central coolant filtration system is located on the plant floor, managers have the option to arrange operations based on current needs.


In almost all cases, the design of a central coolant filtration system is entirely dependent on a series of customer specifications, which include the following:

  • Chip Load
  • Pressure
  • Flow Rate
  • Temperature
  • Clarity Requirements
  • Preference for In Floor or Above Floor Design
  • Preference for Vacuum or Pressure Filters
  • Preference for Permanent Media or Disposable Filters
  • Component Specifications

Perhaps the most important thing to keep in mind about Filtra-Systems’ central machine tool coolant filtration systems is that they are entirely customizable. No two coolant filter applications are designed the same; each is built to suit a customer’s specific needs. With thirty patented products designed and built over more than 30 years of business operations, Filtra-Systems understands the myriad needs that come with coolant filtration, and we manufacture our products accordingly.