The Importance Of Coolant Filtration In Metalworking Industries

I’m Scott Bratten, CEO of Filtra-Systems, and I’ve devoted my life to making industrial filtration wonderfully successful for my clients.

In fact, at Filtra-Systems, we specialize in a variety of industries by devoting our time and resources to engineering products to meet the needs and exceed the expectations of our clients.

We take pride in being the industry leaders with our advanced technology and team of experienced professionals leading the way.

Each product is designed for a particular industry to enhance their productivity, reduce costs and improve accuracy.

Why is coolant filtration important in metalworking industries?

Simply put, our coolant filtration systems are designed to operate at optimal temperatures in metalworking industries.

Furthermore, the flow rates and clarities are specially designed for a metalworking atmosphere to ensure that the coolant is provided to the tool at the temperature and pressure necessary for effective operation.

What does the coolant filtration do for your business?

This is a very important question because every piece of technology we manufacture is designed with this question in mind.

We keep our clients’ interests in mind when we design our filters, so maintenance and overall costs are minimized. The coolant filtration systems do more for your business than you may realize.

These systems eliminate the need for additional maintenance, which increases the operational costs of your business. Our machines are configured to require little to no maintenance and additional upkeep, which can be one of the high costs of manufacturing parts. The filters keep coolant clean, ensuring that you can meet your part cleanliness specs.

Not every product will suit your needs. We understand that in order for you to make the most of your system, customizing certain technologies must be an option.

We offer custom-designed and engineered coolant filtration systems made to your specific applications. Our experience and expertise in the industry allow us to design and install systems custom to your needs.

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