3 Examples of how Removing Contaminants from Your Industrial Water Filtration System Enhances Performance

The issue of industrial water filtration has become more important over the past decade.

Water shortages, higher standards, and environmental safety are just some of the factors that continue to make the efficient filtration of water important to a number of industries.

Choosing the right industrial water filter systems and filters for individual processes enhances the ability of the system to filter out contaminants efficiently.

At Filtra-Systems, we understand the importance of getting the most cost-effective results from every piece of equipment you use.

The STiR technology we developed results in an industrial water filter that exceeds all others in performance.

Below are three examples of how our STiR industrial water filter can improve your filtration process.

  • Lower Susceptibility to Media Fouling – Unlike industrial water filtration systems that use carbon, sand, or anthracite filters, STiR technology removes all of the captured contaminants during every backwash cycle. This highly efficient backwash protects the filter media from fouling.
  • Lower Disposal – Other types of industrial water filters, such as those made from sand, that are used to remove oils and greases from water often cause the filter media to mudball. The end result is a filtration system that doesn’t work, and a high cost to the owner for replacement filters. STiR industrial water filter systems eliminate this risk, making them more effective and affordable to operate.
  • Minimizes Waste Volume – The unique design of the STiR industrial water filter results in lower waste volume, reducing the cost of either disposal or reprocessing.

Using the STiR industrial water filtration system results in a water filtration process that is safer for operators and the environment by removing 95% of solids material and 90% of oil without the use of expensive chemicals.

The effectiveness of the STiR filtration system can have a big big impact on the efficiency of your entire operation.

Want to know more about how the STiR technology can help you improve filtration and increase the efficiency of your industrial water systems? Simply¬†click here and ontact Filtra-Systems today. We’re not yet sure if the STiR is for you, but we may be able to help you find the right filtration solution for your facility and applications.