Answers to Common Questions About Industrial Water Filters and Filtration Systems

Industrial filtration systems are essential to the operations of companies in a wide range of industries. There are different types of industrial water filters to accommodate different needs. Filtra-Systems has nearly four decades of accumulated knowledge about filtration and the ability to answer your questions about the different products we sell and how they can make your filtration system more efficient.

What Are the Benefits of Walnut Shell Industrial Water Filters Over Traditional Sand Filters?

There are a number of advantages to the use of walnut shell media over that of sand. This is especially true when removing oil and suspended solids. Walnut shell filters are bed filters, meaning they work by removing contaminants through a granular media before they are removed through a tortuous path moving through the media. Once filled with contaminants, it is backwashed, cleaning the bed without the added cost of media disposal. The STiR technology used in Filtra-Systems industrial filtration systems has proven to clean 100% of the filter media during each backwash cycle.

What is the Most Important Feature to Look for when Purchasing Industrial Water Filters?

There are many different types of industrial filtration systems used across a wide array of industries. The primary goal of each company is to choose the filters that result in the best water filtration possible. After that, the needs vary in size and design due to the difference in systems and the types of contaminants that need to be filtered out of the liquid. The best way to get the right filters or filtration system for your specific needs is to contact FIltra-Systems with your questions.

Does it Really Matter if I Buy Cheaper Filters and Replace them More Frequently?

It costs time and money to frequently replace filters. They can also be a lot less efficient, resulting in less effective filtration. Lower quality industrial water filters can cause unnecessary wear and tear on your equipment.

Do you have more questions about industrial filtration systems or need help choosing the best industrial water filters for your system? Contact Filtra-Systems for the information you need to make an educated choice.