Reduce Operating Costs With Removable Bag Filtration Systems

Bag filters have been used as an industrial water filtration solution in many applications such as cooling tower water, injection water, biodiesel production, coolant filtration, remediation sites, and RO protection. Depending on your needs a Filtra-Systems professional can assist you, and help you find the right bag filter and bag filter housing in order to optimize water cleanliness. Bag filters and bag filter housings are able to remove solid waste materials from wastewater in an effective and eco-friendly manner. Bag filters are an easy and efficient option because they are low-cost and easy to use. Filtra-Systems takes pride in our bag filter housings and we use our own bag filters in our other filtration systems, which gives us both the technical and commercial experience to identify what filtration solution will be best for your needs.

Regardless of your industry and why you need to clean your water, bag filters can be used to solve your problems. In the brewing industry, bag filters are used to clean water at the start of the process. They also remove proteins from slowing the fermentation process and any unwanted solids prior to bottling. The brewing process requires different bags, as tighter bags are used towards the end of the process to remove the fine particulate. In the mining and chemical industry, bag filters are used to filter particulate. They are usually stainless steel, and frequently carry an ASME stamp. The food and beverage production industry takes advantage of industrial bag filters because of the low cost and outstanding reliability. To remove contaminants from water, bag filters are used along with other purification methods. It is clear that bag filter and filter housing options from Filtra-Systems can be a solution to a variety of needs.