How Advances in Industrial Water Filtration Can Increase Your System’s Efficiency

Industrial Water Filter Solutions for Companies of Every Size

Filtra-Systems never cuts corners when it comes to designing innovative industrial water filtration solutions for our clients.

We’ve patented several important approaches to industrial water filtration, most notably our STiR filter media cleansing systems that uses the lowest possible volume of clean water to backwash the media bed, providing completely clean filter media at the end of every cycle.

Innovative approaches include using walnut shell filter media, which offers a high level of durability and much more effective filtration when compared to other filter media like anthracite and carbon.

Designed Specifically to Meet Your Needs

If there’s one thing that Filtra-Systems has learned after 40 years in business, knowing how crucial it is to listen to our clients helps us design innovative industrial water filtration systems that meet your needs. In the creation of each new system or process we design, we strive for the highest levels of efficiency that keep your systems running longer without interruption making maintenance cycles few and far between.

Filtra-Systems has a reputation of providing simply the best industrial water filters in a global setting and has been for more than three decades.

When it comes to industrial water filtration, we know what it takes to design, install and maintain systems. Increasing your system’s efficiency, by providing industrial water filtration that needs little maintenance and spends the most time possible filtering water helps meet the needs of your particular industry.

If you want to discover more about how Filtra-Systems industrial water filters improve your manufacturing and how these proven technologies can keep your filtration system running as efficiently as possible, click here to contact Filtra-Systems today. Provide you the best most cost-effective and efficient industrial water filtration technologies for your business is what we do best. Call 248-427-9090 now.