How Custom-Engineered Industrial Water Purification Systems Can Save You Time and Money

Filtra-Systems has taken its place as a world leader in creating custom industrial water purification solutions by installing over 16,000 systems around the world.

Its secret to providing products that result in superior industrial water filtration is in creating custom industrial water and wastewater filters according to the specific needs of every customer.

Custom Products Result From a Working Partnership with Clients

No one knows the needs of the company like the people who operate it’s processes everyday. That’s why the skilled designers and engineers at Filtra-Systems work as a partner with each client from the initial stages of design, through the testing and engineering phases.

Creating the perfect solution is a collaborative effort that doesn’t end until the industrial water purification system has been installed and is working according to expectations.

Even then, we continue to provide you support to keep your system operating optimally.

Producing the Most Efficient Industrial Water Filtration Process

The process used by Filtra-Systems results in a more sustainable solution that is more efficient by design.

The patented STiR technology used in making industrial water filters are modeled on Continuously Stirred Tank Reactors (CSTR) that provide even mixing of every portion of their tank.

This model allows the STiR to clean 100% of filter media during a single backwash cycle.

The system implements modern walnut shell filter technology to achieve a high removal efficiency when removing oils, greases and suspended solids (TSS). The filtration media is sustainable and expected to last at least 30 years when operated normally.

The efficiency of these industrial water purification and filtration systems means less time and money to operate and maintain the equipment.

Custom solutions also mean that you purchase only the products that you need for optimal operation and nothing more.

The Significance of Advanced Technology

Filtra-Systems uses the most advanced technology and innovative features to create products that will perform efficiently and last a long time. This prevents you from having to reinvest in a new industrial water filtration system every few years.

Filtra-Systems offers a variety of filters for industrial water purification, including absolute rated cartridge filters with a 99.5% efficiency at a given micron rating.

For more information on how to save time and money through more efficient, customized industrial water filtration systems, click here to contact the world leaders at Filtra-Systems. 248-427-9090