How Industrial Water Filtration Can Improve Efficiency And Save You Money

Over the course of the past couple of decades, industrial water filtration has become one of the most important considerations for the average manufacturing facility in North America. These concerns have only increased as water supplies have dwindled and wastewater contamination standards have become more stringent. All of this has led to the need to choose the right industrial water filters and filtration systems to increase overall system efficiency and keep costs to a minimum.

Here at Filtra-Systems we understand how important the right industrial water filtration system is to your facility’s efficiency and operating costs. We are proud to offer our STiR technology, or industrial water filters with superior performance. These filters have been designed to maximize water filtration, reduce solid waste disposal costs, and decrease your overall expenses. The right filtration system can help your facility in three ways:

1) Reduced Filtration Media Fouling

Depending on the nature of your business, the wastewater you produce or the cooling water you reuse can quickly become contaminated by a wide range of solid waste contaminants. While most filter systems can remove a high percentage of contaminants in wastewater, they may not be capable of restoring the purity of your cooling water sufficiently. When your filter media becomes fouled, water flow is reduced, resulting in decreased cooling effectiveness and productivity.

Our STiR industrial water filtration system removes the maximum quantity of contaminants during each backwash cycle, significantly improving water flow throughout the system. This in and of itself will make a significant improvement in your overall manufacturing efficiency and operating costs.

2) Reduced Waste Disposal

Many industrial waste filters use sand as the filtration media to remove contaminants such as oil and grease from water. The problem with this type of filtration is that these substances tend to create solid balls of mud from the sand media. In turn, this reduces the efficiency of the filter and the flow of water throughout the entire system. The net result is that you end up replacing these filters frequently at a significant cost.

3) Reduced Waste Disposal Costs

If your industrial water filters are more efficient and effective at removing contaminant particles from your water supply, your filter media is going to last longer. This in turn means that you will not have to replace the filter media as frequently. Since you have to pay to dispose of the filter media, by extending it’s lifespan you can significantly reduce your filtration costs.

No matter which of the Filtra-Systems industrial water filtration systems you choose, you can count on them to improve your facility’s overall efficiency and reduce your overhead operating costs. If you have any questions about our STiR filtration unit or any of our other industrial water filters, contact our team of professionals and let us help you find the perfect filtration system for your business.