How To Choose Your Water Filtration Equipment

Filtra-Systems provides industrial water filtration equipment and systems to clients across the country, customizing systems specifically for their manufacturing processes. Our products are innovative, staying reliable for years to come.

Water Filtration Equipment

Our industrial water filtration equipment is created for industries that require powerful technologies to help with water filtration and purification.

Several solutions are provided and we can help you through every step towards the best system. Some of the products we offer include:

Industrial Water Filters

Bag Filter Housings

Industrial Cartridge Filters

All these technologies are designed for continued use over years and years, built with our customers’ requirements in mind.

Filtra-Systems Waste Water Filters

Looking for wastewater filters to separate oil or suspended solids from your industrial wastewater? Our STiR Walnut Shell Media Filter might be the perfect fit.

Because over the years, we have tweaked this filter for maximum efficiency, building systems for many clients across multiple different industries.

The STiR uses a proprietary backwash system to fully regenerate the bed with the lowest possible backwash volume, saving you money on water processing.

The STiR filter is unique because our patented scrubbing cycle utilizes the continuously stirred tank reactor model to fully fluidize and clean the filter media.

Customized Water Filtration Solutions

Filtra-Systems works with you to design a system that does what it needs to do at a reduced cost and for a longer period of time.

Our team of experts works with you suggesting products that will purify and restore water more efficiently than competing products and companies.

Call Filtra-Systems today, 248-427-9090 and talk with our expert engineers about how a few of our wastewater filters and water filtration equipment may help improve your business.