Choosing The Right Industrial Wastewater Treatment Solutions For Your Company or Application.

Selecting the right water treatment solutions for your particular needs is sometimes a difficult process.

There are a lot of contributing factors to consider: the rate of filtration, the size of expected contaminants, the harshness of the expected operating environment, and even the intended use of the filtered water.

Fortunately, there are many industrial water solutions available and, with some consideration, the best water filtration equipment for the job can be determined.

Intended Use

One of the most important factors in selecting the right water treatment solution is its intended use.

For some applications, the clean water itself is the desired product of the process.  For others, the material that is filtered is the primary concern.

If the water itself is the focus of the filtration, there are many solutions that may be appropriate.

In any event, factors such as flow rate and minimum contaminant size become very important.

If the water you are filtering contains oil-based contaminants, walnut shell media would be a good choice.

If the water is intended for drinking, there are a number of bag filters with an activated carbon layer that would remove any unwanted contaminates, tastes and smells.

Flow Rate

Desired flow rate is a significant point to consider when selecting water filtration equipment.

Cartridge filters, bag filters, deep bed filters, and filter presses are all sized differently, and the liquid flow rate can have a large effect on the size of the filter.

And what’s more, it’s important to have a general notion of how much fluid you will need to pass through your industrial water filter to meet your production needs.

Operating Conditions

It’s also necessary to consider the conditions under which your industrial water treatment system will operate.

Bag filters, for instance, are an excellent disposable filter medium, yet many are not rated for high-temperature applications.

The corrosivity and other chemical properties of the inlet water (eg acidity) will also determine what materials need to be used for both the filter medium and filter housing.

There is a wide range of water treatment solutions available and we may be able to help you find the right fit for your particular need.  Click here to get in contact with one of our filtration experts , or call us now at 248-427-9090 and we can help you find the right solution for your application.