Industrial Water Filtration Solutions For Your Industry

Not all industries require the same industrial water filtration system, so Filtra-Systems provides a wide range of products, as well as customized solutions, for many different industries and applications.

Some of these solutions include industrial process water systems, wastewater solutions, groundwater solutions, and units for cooling water.

Whatever your industry’s application, we may be able to provide systems to efficiently filter out contaminants and particulate.

Industrial Process and Wastewater Solutions

The STiR Walnut Shell Media filter provides you solutions for both process water and wastewater. This system is aimed at reusing water, which has both an economic and environmental impact.

The STiR uses a walnut shell media, which is great at removing both total suspended solids (TSS) and oils from water, while also minimizing the amount of backwash water that is required.

The STiR typically backwashes with less than 0.5% of the total water throughput and in most cases, clean water is not required for a backwash.

Groundwater and Cooling Water Systems

Cooling water systems frequently use either walnut shell filters or bag filters to remove several different types of contaminants. Clean water can be sent back to the cooling source, and water is reused.

Groundwater systems include applications where runoff water needs to be filtered. Bag filters are also frequently used, especially in situations where constant filtration is not needed (eg rainwater causes liquid levels to rise, and require filtration).

Many different bags are available and each bag has different properties for different applications.

The bag material can be varied for changing liquid stream compositions, such as the addition of oil. Different micron ratings are available for different removal efficiencies.

We have systems that are easily maintained and flexible.

Overall, each business needs its own, individually selected solution to filter their water.

Filtra-Systems is here and ready to provide you these different strategies and options for each preferred filtration system.

These systems and products will help your project as cost-effectively as possible, and our products stand the test of time so you can keep the same filtration system for many years to come.

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