Protecting the Environment with Industrial Water Filters

Protecting the environment is one of the most important considerations for engineers.

The hazards of industrial water filtration must be contained by using quality products and innovative systems which have a positive impact on performance and efficiency.

Filtra-Systems develops, ships and installs systems engineered to meet your needs while simultaneously protecting the environment by reducing pollutants.

Our equipment minimizes the risk of exposure to your workers and to the environment by creating some of the most reliable products in the industrial water filtration space.

Proprietary technologies provide you with the cleanest water possible and all our products are customizable with current industrial water filtration systems.

Industry-Leading Products

Filtra-Systems provides industrial water filters such as the STiR Filter, unmatched among competing technologies.

Using our patented fluidization technology, our industrial water filter is capable of cleaning 100% of filter media in the backwash cycle. This filter system is used around the world to protect rivers and other natural waterways from contamination and pollution.

And, the STiR filter’s dynamic backwashing system minimizes waste volume for adding efficiency to your applications.

The STiR Industrial Water Filter is pre-assembled at the factory to lower freight and installation costs.

Protecting the Environment with Efficient Products

The STiR filter is the perfect example of the engineering standards Filtra-Systems abides by.

Compared to older and outdated purification systems, our filtration systems and products will set new standards for efficiency and reliability in your facility.

For example, the STiR Filter provides more efficient filtration, especially in the removal of oil, than filters that utilize traditional filter media such as sand.

This filter can remove 95% of solid material and 90% of oil at 5 micron – all without the use of chemicals.

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