Reuse and Reclaim Your Water with Industrial Water Purification Systems

The problem of water shortages is increasing in importance, and one that many different industries face today. Many of these companies are finding solutions by implementing industrial water purification systems. A system that removes the specific types of contaminants that they are dealing with will allow them to reclaim and reuse water after it has been contaminated through other processes. Filtra-Systems has become a world leader in industrial water purification products that produce real solutions. We evaluate the specific needs of the customer before recommending a system that will remove the contaminants needed to meet the standards for their reclaiming purposes.

Industrial water purification systems remove different types of contaminants from water including:

  • Toxic Chemicals
  • Solid Particulates
  • Dissolved Particles
  • Entrained Gases
  • Biological Contaminants such as Bacteria

Filtra-Systems provides a variety of industrial water purification products that efficiently remove contaminants. Different types of systems and filters are used to target a specific type of contaminant. Industrial water purification systems used to purify drinking water differ in the degree of contaminants that must be removed than those that are used to filter water for use with other industrial processes. There are also different standards that must be met in order to protect the people in contact with the water, as well as the environment.

Filtra-Systems offers a variety of industrial water purification systems including custom-designed filtration systems to meet the unique demands of your business. All of our water purification products are designed using the most advanced technologies to ensure optimum solutions that are also cost-effective. The most effective use of your industrial water begins with the right choice in industrial water purification systems.

The advanced technology used in our STiR filters has the capacity to clean 100% of the filter media during its backwash cycle. No other product of its kind has this type of capability. If you are ready to get the best use of your available water, call us today and ask how. We know which of our industrial purification solutions will provide the best solutions for your operation.