See How 3 Industrial Processes Benefit From Filtration

The best way for you to see how our industrial filtration systems can benefit your business is to look at three different situations where our products have made a major impact on the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of particular companies. We have found that in this industry it very easy to make claims regarding the abilities of your products, but what really counts is the ability to prove that your products work exactly as described.

Eastman Kodak

Eastman Kodak has been one of the leading names in imaging for decades, going back to the original personal cameras. At the Eastman Kodak facility located in the northwestern US, the company produces chemicals that are used to process a wide range of health imaging films. Eastman Kodak had been using a rotary drum filtration system to filter, wash, and dewater their products. However, the company conducted a study to find a more effective and efficient process. Their research found that a vertical tower filter press would make a major difference. The one chosen was the Filtra-Systems Verti-Press as it offered superior efficiency and the ability to operate with any arrangement of chambers offline (for maximum maintenance versatility).

The Modern CNC Machine Shop Floor

For decades the average CNC machine shop used a central coolant system that utilized trenches in the floor as a way to transfer contaminated coolant from the various machines to a central pit. The filters were located at the end of a sloped trench No only was this highly inefficient, but in many instances routine maintenance was very difficult and costly.

Today, CNC facilities are installing a centralized machine tool coolant filtration system that is located on the floor rather than under it. Not only does this system do away with the need for trenches running under the floor, it also allows management to modify the number of filters, and in fact the entire system as their needs change.

The STiR Industrial Water Filter

Achieving the highest possible level of wastewater filtration is more important than ever, as regulations have become more stringent. While industrial water filter using sand, anthracite, and carbon media have their uses, they have always been susceptible to media failure due to fouling. This leads to increased downtime and expense, as the filter media must be changed on a regular basis.

Our patented STiR technology can remove up to 95% of suspended solids, and 90% of insoluble hydrocarbons from your wastewater. More importantly, our STiR industrial water filters do need the addition of chemicals to achieve these results. We can provide you with individual units that can process fro 50-6,500 gpm, and will build complete systems that are ready to be installed.

Over the past 40 years, we have found that there is no such thing as one size fits all when it comes to industrial wastewater filtration. We offer a complete range of custom water filtration systems that can be used to improve your business’ efficiency and reduce your operating costs. Contact us today and let us work with you to solve your wastewater problems!