Superior Alternatives To Traditional Sand Filters

In the 40 years of experience that Filtra-Systems has in the industrial water filtration industry, we have provided solutions for a wide variety of types of projects. Our company values your success and understands the detailed processes associated with sand filters. We provide solutions to several different industries that have varying levels of filtration needs while working to conserve energy and water usage. Our walnut shell filters are an excellent replacement technology for sand filters. If you understand the advantages of this equipment, and how your company can benefit from this technology, you will be in a hurry to find a new solution that works for your company.

A number of problems are associated with traditional sand filters, which can lead to inefficiency and overall headache within your process. As an example, when oil or sticky solids (such as metal hydroxides) are introduced into the filter, it will cause portions of the bed to become clogged and very difficult to clean. This will result in an extended backwash cycle, increased treatment and disposal costs, and possibly water that does not meet clarity requirements. A sand filter bed needs to be replaced every few years to alleviate these concerns. Replacement technology for sand filters can provide a solution that you can count on for your operation. Walnut shell filters help your company meet its goals by achieving lower backwash volumes and eliminating the cost of replacing the bed.

Finding replacement technology for sand filters that works for you can result in numerous benefits to your operation. Walnut shell media can be an effective solution for effective oil-based contaminant removal. Our technology can help improve water quality, cut operating costs, and improve your process.

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