The Utility Of Bag And Cartridge Filters

At Filtra-Systems, our role in providing innovative filtration solutions is unique in the market. Our dedication and expertise extends to the use of industrial bag filters in a wide range of industries. Bag filters remove solids from wastewater in a number of applications. The bag filter is placed within the bag filter housing and can be used in the treatment of industrial process water, wastewater, groundwater, and cooling water. Filtra-Systems stands out by providing industrial bag filters that are both effective and meet the operational needs of each of our customers.

The brewing industry uses bag filters to separate grains from sugars, remove proteins that can slow the fermentation process, and remove any unwanted solids prior to bottling. They also use bags to remove any contaminants from their source water. This means different bags are needed, as the tighter bags used towards the end of the process can have adverse effects if used in the early stages. Other applications bag filters can be used for include the mining and chemical industries.

In these industries, bag filters must be stainless steel and frequently carry an ASME stamp. Filtering wastewater for reuse means having the capacity to eliminate all types and sizes of contaminants to meet regulations and ensure safety. Depending on the type and size of particles that are in the water, different industrial bag filters may be used for the job.

An industrial cartridge filter is preferred when there are low levels of contamination, and fine particles need to be removed. Most water purification processes choose industrial cartridge filters as the final step in the water purification process. The design and materials in an industrial cartridge filter determines how effective it will be to separate particulate from liquid. There are many industrial filters in the market. At Filtra-Systems, we make the process of finding the most appropriate solution for your company a simple process.

Our carefully engineered and designed filters offer flexibility for any industrial filtration system regardless of size, media, or required characteristics. Filtra-Systems has worked across a broad range of industries to provide them with the industrial bag filters and cartridge filters needed for different applications.

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