How To Use Wastewater Filters To Reduce Your Costs

Wastewater filters provide quite a few benefits to the system and the ecosystem. Water is a precious resource and grows even more so with time.

Water is at an all-time high in demand, whether for consumption or use in industrial systems.

When wastewater is filtered, it can help to reduce costs for your company because it can be reused, thus pulling less clean water from the ecosystem.

Reusing Water with a Filtration System

Simply recirculating wastewater without cleaning it is not advisable. It can contaminate the process, and cause other issues down the road.

Generally, the first step is a physical filter for the water. This is typically a bag filter, cartridge filter, or walnut shell filter. These filters can also be designed to remove more solids, depending on how dirty the wastewater is.

If the water has a large amount of solid material in it, a clarifier or centrifuge may be a more effective first step.

Frequently, the last step is the use of reverse osmosis (RO), to remove all dissolved material (TDS) from the water. This reuse of water allows businesses to operate without having to worry about the increasing costs associated with freshwater.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Equipment

Choosing the right filtration equipment makes all the difference in the effectiveness of the water filtration system, and leads to reduced costs. These wastewater filters are useful in creating a renewable source of water for companies to use.

Wastewater filtration also protects companies from governmental restrictions on water disposal, as well as being beneficial to the environment.

The Filtra-Systems Solution

Filtra-Systems has many customizable solutions for wastewater treatment that decrease your labor and cost.

For example, the STiR Industrial Water Filter is an automated unit that utilizes vacuum filtration to pull water through a walnut shell media, removing contaminants.

The tested and proven STiR filter is one of the most successful products at removing oil and suspended solids from water, allowing it to be reused. One of the most common applications for this filter allows for the reuse of water during contact cooling.

The STiR can remove roughly 95-99% of all solid contaminants in water, as well as 90-95% of free hydrocarbons. All of this can be accomplished without the use of chemicals, saving on water processing costs.

The STiR comes in multiple sizes, and can easily be customized for your specific application.

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