Water Filtration Equipment Ensures a Smooth Operation

Filtra-Systems is a leading expert in the field of industrial water filtration solutions. With more than 30 years of experience installing waste water filtration systems, we know what it takes to ensure that our filtration systems operate smoothly without excess maintenance. We provide some of the highest performing waste water filters on the market, and we also ensure that you have a reliable source of bag and cartridge filters to minimize downtime.

We Have a Waste Water Filter Solution for Your Needs

Filtra-Systems makes use of some of the most advanced filtration systems, including our patented STiR technology, to ensure that the filter media in your systems is left as clean as possible after every backwash cycle. We also offer a walnut shell media filter option that separates suspended solids and oil from industrial waste water. Walnut shell media offers an advantage over other filter media such as anthracite, sand media, and activated carbon, as walnut shells are much more resistant to media fouling. Meanwhile, other filter media has a more difficult time completely fluidizing during a backwash cycle. The STiR has been proven to completely fluidize its bed during every backwash cycle.

A Wide Selection of Bag and Cartridge Filters for Every System

Filtra-Systems is about more than just offering cutting edge, high-performance waste water filters. Our complete line of bag and cartridge filters features a wide selection of different filter media to offer flexibility, and allow us to meet your water filtration needs. We offer polyester, polypropylene, nylon monofilament mesh, oil absorption, and activated carbon filter bags to polypropylene, nylon, and polyester cartridge filters available in several different micron ratings, our bag and cartridge filters offer the versatility you need for your filtration system. Additionally, our bag and cartridge filters are rated to as high as 338 F, ensuring smooth operation at whatever temperature your system requires.

Interested in learning more about our waste water filters or our bag and cartridge filter solutions? Contact Filtra-Systems today to have your questions answered about you can ensure that your own water filter system runs smoothly.