Using A Hot Oil Treatment Filter

One example of a modular system that Filtra-Systems uses is the hot oil treatment system. In order to filter various transmission oils to industry specific grades (such as ISO 15/13), Filtra-Systems uses a Packaged Transmission Oil Test Stand. Specific requirements for flow, temperature, pressure and cleanliness have to be met and these packaged oil treatment systems are designed for that purpose. They are used at world class manufacturing facilities, and allow for testing of oil fed into transmission systems to meet very strict requirements. They are fully automated systems and ready to be installed upon delivery.

Filtra-Systems hot oil treatment systems provide a number of advantages. For example, the fluid cleanliness levels always meet our customers specs. The oil is superior to new oil straight from the manufacturer. Our system is fully compatible with single or multiple test stations. The modular design allows the system to be easily assembled for plug and play operation. Modular units allow the customer the flexibility to use a filtration system in any way they deem necessary.

Conserving Coolant With A Mist Collector System

At Filtra-Systems, we are engineering new products that will increase health and production standards for the various industries we serve. Today, we want to talk to you about our mist collector systems that will help conserve your coolant. Before we talk about our mist collector and coolant filtration systems, let’s talk about how this machinery works in order to better understand the benefits.

When coolants and oils are sprayed onto parts, oil mist is released into the vicinity. Inhalation of this oil mist can cause long-term health problems. When members of your workforce are exposed to this mist regularly, it is common for respiratory issues to arise, cause by the exposure to the mist. We know how important it is to conserve coolant through filtration, but we also know how important the health of your workforce is. The long term effects can generate serious concerns including skin disease, and therefore OSHA has requirements for mineral oil in air exposed to workers.

A mist collector is used to remove the oil from air using a centrifugal separation system. After doing this, the droplets are then gravity-drained back in to the machine tool, decreasing the overall loss of coolant. Not only is this process economically beneficial, but environmentally sound as well. During this process, there are no active moving parts. Therefore, excess maintenance is not required for this particular mist collection technology.

Another added benefit of our mist collection systems is the reduced maintenance of the surrounding area. This same oil mist accumulates on walls, floors, and machines and because of this causes the workers in the area to be subject to not only health hazards but a dirty workplace. Filtra-Systems Gen II Mist Collectors are mounted to the cutting machine and prevent oil mists from entering the workplace air.

Single Bag Versus Multi-Bag Filter Housings

Over 30 years of experience is one of the reasons that Filtra-Systems has been able to develop such effective industrial filtration systems. We have produced a number of bag filter housing options for customers to fit their specific needs in the field.

Choosing whether a single bag filter or a multi-bag filter is best for your specific need is a common question. If you’re looking for higher flow rates and less frequent bag changes, a multi-bag filter housing may be the best option. Multi-bag filter housings provide a fast turnaround. Spring balanced lid and swing bolts make bag changes fast and efficient. Our compression style bag clamps guarantee bag sealing. Multiple bags means higher flow rates and less downtime for bag changes, so you’re not spending your day and dollars with unnecessary tasks. The ergonomic design provides a low profile for easier access, and the spring-balanced lid can be opened single-handedly. A highly convenient feature of the multi-bag filter housings is that they accept both industry standard #2 bags and pleated cartridges. It also allows alternate inlet and outlet flange placement, and orientation can be specified.

However, a multi-bag filter housing may not always be necessary. Filtra-Systems single bag filter housings can serve a variety of purposes as well. What are some of the advantages of a single bag filter housing? First of all, price. It is economically designed and therefore the simple design that has been perfected over three decades allows for a single bag filter to be efficient and effective regardless of your budget. No tools are required to change bags. V-Clamp cover closures make changing bags fast and easy, so you aren’t spending your time on these tasks. Vessel housings are electropolished stainless steel, so they are incredibly easy to clean and maintain. Like the multi-bag options, the single bag filter housings also take standard or pleated bags.

Choosing the proper bag and cartridge filter can be complicated, so if you have questions about our bag filter housings or cartridge filter housings, contact our team of experienced applications engineers, who will review your process and make a recommendation.

The Importance of Efficient Coolant Filtration

Filtra-Systems is a leader in industrial filtration systems. We have worked with thousands of customers to create custom filtration solutions for their needs. Because we have designed and built custom systems for clients in many industries, we understand that different solutions work better for certain applications. We offer different types of coolant filters to fit the needs of our customers, including vacuum, pressure, gravity, magnetic, and bag filters in order to meet our customers needs.

Our central machine tool coolant filtration systems are designed to provide coolant at the optimum pressure, flow rate, temperature, and clarity required for any operation. Numerous machining problems arise when coolant is not filtered properly. The proper coolant filtration equipment from Filtra-Systems will significantly lower the need to operate and maintain multiple coolant filters. This will result in an overall enhancement of product quality and reduce operating and maintenance costs.

Every coolant filter that a customer has serves a slightly different purpose. Our broad clientele and over thirty patented products allow us to make efficient coolant filtration systems for our customers to implement in their operations. We offer the broadest line of equipment in the industry, and can handle applications from 50 gpm to 5,000 gpm in every type of machining operation, with any type of cutting fluid. Coolant filtration systems are designed to operate at optimal temperatures in metalworking industries. The flow rates and clarities are specially designed for a metalworking atmosphere to ensure that the coolant is provided to the tool at the temperature and pressure necessary for effective operation. In order for you to optimize your system, custom technologies must be an option.

We offer custom designed and engineered coolant filtration systems made to your specific needs. Our experience and expertise in the industry allows us to design and install systems custom to your needs. Contact one of our professionals today to get started! We have over 30 years of experience that we would love to share with you as you search for the right product.

Filtra-Systems Joins Forces With Chickasaw Nation Industries To Continue Growth In The Industrial Filtration Market

[September 1, 2016] – Filtra-Systems Company “Filtra” and CNI Commercial, LLC “CNI” (a subsidiary of Chickasaw National Industries, Inc.) are pleased to announce CNI’s majority equity investment in Filtra.  CNI brings significant resources and industry relationships to complement Filtra, the global leader in custom industrial filtration and separation systems.  Additionally, as a tribally owned enterprise, CNI brings Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) status to the partnership.

Scott and Keith Bratten will continue to oversee Filtra’s corporate strategy and operations as the company looks to continue growth and expansion opportunities.  The transaction includes a contribution by CNI of its manufacturing facility in Oklahoma which, on a combined basis, provides for significant expansion opportunities, additional manufacturing capabilities and global scale.

Chickasaw Nation Governor Bill Anoatubby said that CNI’s investment in Filtra will benefit everyone involved.  “We believe this investment in Filtra-Systems is a great strategic investment for CNI and an excellent economic development opportunity for the Chickasaw Nation,” said Gov. Anoatubby. “This collaboration offers the potential to build on the current success of Filtra, while also expanding operations and increasing employment opportunities at our manufacturing facility in Marietta, OK.”

Scott Bratten, CEO of Filtra, added, “We are thrilled to be partnering with the Chickasaw team and to find new ways to expand our business. We are confident that we can take our portfolio of proprietary products to an even larger customer base by working together.”  David Nimmo, CEO of CNI, added, “Filtra has built a tremendous business that shares CNI’s core values and advances our efforts to provide high-quality, custom-engineered products to our customers.  The Filtra management team and their employees have developed some of the best technology for environmentally-friendly wastewater filtration, which is an important concern for the people of Oklahoma and beyond.”

Terms of the transaction are not being disclosed.

About Filtra-Systems “Filtra”:

Filtra, based in Farmington Hills, MI, is the global leader in custom-engineered industrial filtration and separation systems.  Filtra brings over 34 years of experience working with blue chip players in the automotive, aerospace, energy and other industrial sectors.  Filtra has installed over 16,000 filtration systems worldwide including machine tool coolant filtration systems, liquid-solid separation systems, chip processing systems and mist collection systems (to name a few) while developing a portfolio of over 50 patents.

About Chickasaw Nation Industries, Inc. “CNI”:

CNI is a federally-chartered corporation wholly owned by the Chickasaw Nation. Headquartered in Norman, Oklahoma, CNI serves as a holding company with over a dozen subsidiaries that operate as Limited Liability Companies (LLCs) engaged in multiple lines of business. CNI is proud to support the economic development of the Chickasaw Nation and to contribute to the tribal mission of enhancing the overall quality of life of the Chickasaw people.

The Top Three Applications For Industrial Water Filtration Systems

Investing in an industrial water filtration system for your business or company can be one of the best purchases you can make. The long term payoffs are ideal. A high quality industrial water treatment system can help you save energy, cut down operating expenses and decrease the need for plumbing repairs and general maintenance – saving you money in the long run. But what else can an industrial water filtration system do for you? At Filtra-Systems, we won’t leave you guessing. Here are the top three reasons why your heavy manufacturing plant needs an industrial water filtration system.

Recycle and Reuse

Having an industrial water filtration system helps heavy manufacturing plants maintain their environmental responsibilities. By using a closed-loop water filtration system, solids and other hazardous materials can be effectively removed from wastewater, leaving clean, reusable water behind. Corporate social responsibility is a huge aspect that many consumers today take into consideration when purchasing products. With effective industrial water systems, you can make sure your manufacturing business meets standards and exceeds expectations.

Drought Protection

To prevent high costs during drought periods, many manufacturers in states that are at risk for drought implement protocols that will protect their water supply. Thankfully, closed loop processes and effective systems can provide security with droughts occur. By recycling water within the plant, manufacturers can ensure that they will always have the amount of water necessary to run their business.

Lower Costs

With all the expenses involved in running a successful business, it’s no wonder that manufacturers are always looking for ways to cut costs without reducing quality. One costly area of business is managing the water supply and making sure that it follows requirements put in place. When systems fail or need parts replaced, it can be expensive to repair them. In addition, if for some reason your business fails to meet requirements, the fees and consequences can begin to add up. By investing in a high-quality water filtration system and working with a dedicated team such as ours at Filtra-Systems, you can make sure that your system is always working and meeting your requirements.

What are you waiting for? Our team at Filtra-Systems will make it easy for you to find a cost-effective industrial water filtration solution for your company. To learn more about our products and talk to a representative, please call 248-427-9090.

How Reclaiming Wastewater Can Vastly Improve Your Efficiency

Who knew that wastewater could actually help your business be more efficient? Reclaiming and recycling wastewater helps to lower costs, letting you focus your attention on other areas of your business. That’s why when you invest in an industrial water filtration system, you’re not only investing in your company, but also investing in your overall efficiency and effectiveness.

Industrial wastewater  treatments remove suspended solids, oils and other contaminants so only clean, reusable water remains. At Filtra-Systems, we make sure that the quality of your water and the way you remove waste meets mandated requirements so that you won’t need to worry about fines and penalties.

Having a closed-loop system for water reuse also ensures that heavy manufacturing plants will always have enough water volume for productivity. That way when an emergency occurs, both companies and manufacturing plants can still stay in business and meet deadlines – which will keep customers happy.

Investing in a high-quality wastewater treatment system such as the ones available at Filtra-Systems can be the best decision you will make for your business. In the long run, you’ll be able to save money by cutting extra costs. Without having to worry about water issues, you’ll be able to focus on other important areas of your business, including customer satisfaction and product quality.

So what are you waiting for? Our team at Filtra-Systems will make it easy for you to find a cost-effective industrial water filtration solution for your company. To learn more about our products and talk to a representative, please call 248-427-9090.

Improving Operating Efficiency With The Verti-Press Tower Filter Press

Our Verti-Press Tower Filter Press is one of our most effective products for dewatering chemicals and industrial minerals. It is a dewatering filter used by some of the biggest names in the business, including Kodak and Dofasco. By using vertically stacked columns, the Verti-Press can produce dry, solid cakes and a high wash efficiency with a minimal footprint.

The Verti-Press uses a diaphragm to mechanically squeeze the mother liquor from solid cakes. After the liquor is pressed out, what remains are dry cakes that may consist of up to 94% solids. Many manufacturing and processing plants require a specified dryness in their processes. With the Verti-Press, you’ll be able to meet your requirements every time.

Combining both high-speed cycling with full automation, the Verti-Press has a very high solids output. Because of its design, this dewatering filter can cycle in as little as five minutes, maximizing efficiency within your manufacturing plant.

The simple, stacked design will also allow you to use your plant’s space to its full potential. With only a few moving parts, you’ll be able to save money on maintenance and energy costs. The individual chambers can be isolated, allowing routine maintenance to occur at your convenience.

With one of the most effective products in the industry, Filtra-Systems is ready to help you improve your business. So what are you waiting for? Our team at Filtra-Systems will make it easy for you to find a cost-effective solution for your company. To learn more about our products by talking to a representative, please call 248-427-9090.

The Role Of Bag Filters In Industrial Water Filtration

Depending on your industry, the needs of your manufacturing plant will require a specific type of bag filter and industrial water filtration. At Filtra-Systems, we offer a wide selection of bag filters, and the ability to design new ones to meet your needs.

Bag Filters are used with bag filter housings to remove solid materials from wastewater. Because they are densely packed and easily removable from their housing, bag filters make industrial water filtration both easy and efficient. When combined with one of our many bag filter housings, bag filter media will be able to help you get rid of wastewater in an effective and eco-friendly way. In heavy manufacturing and production plants, this is especially important so that the removal of waste will meet your requirements.

Our bag filters can be used for a variety of applications, including cooling tower water, brewing, injection water, biodiesel production, coolant filtration, remediation sites and RO protection. Based on your needs, we’ll find the right pairing of bag filter and bag filter housing so that we can maximize cost efficiency and cleanliness.

At Filtra-Systems, we take pride in our bag filter housings. We use our own bag filters in our other filtration systems, which gives us both the technical and commercial expertise needed to serve you best. We know exactly how each one works, and because we don’t use distributors, you’ll always get the best pricing. Therefore, we’ll be able to provide you our technology, our expertise, and we’ll also save you money.

So, what are you waiting for? Our team at Filtra-Systems will make it easy for you to find a cost effective industrial water filtration solution for your company. To learn more about our products and talk to a representative, please call 248-427-9090.

How To Choose The Right Filtration Equipment For Your Needs

We know how confusing and intimidating choosing the right filtration equipment for your business can be, which is why our team at Filtra-Systems is specially trained to serve you and make sure we meet your needs and exceed expectations. We offer a wide selection of products, including fully designed industrial wastewater treatments, bag filters and housings, cartridge filters and more. To make sure that you make the best decision and investment, it’s important to consider legal requirements, your plant’s needs, and long-term costs.

Most heavy manufacturing and production plants are required to meet some expectations, such as effective and safe ways to get rid of waste. Usually, if a plant does not meet those requirements, the business can be faced with fines and penalties, resulting in expensive costs and even shutdowns. Our team will research these requirements to make sure that whichever system you choose will result in only revenue, not costly fees.

You also need to consider your plant’s needs. At Filtra-Systems, we’ll work with you from beginning to end to customize, design and produce a unique industrial water filtration system so that you can rest assured knowing that you’re getting the best quality for your needs. With our system and your input and feedback, we’ll make sure that your plant can meet its potential in effectiveness and productivity.

With our team at Filtra-Systems, you won’t need to worry about extra costs. We work with you throughout the entire life of the product, even after installation and through routine maintenance and occasional repairs. Because our systems consist of only our products, including bag filters and housings, we can provide you with expert advice and technological know-how so that you can make the best decisions for your business.

So what are you waiting for? Our team at Filtra-Systems will make it easy for you to find a cost-effective industrial water filtration solution for your company. To learn more about our products and talk to a representative, please call 248-427-9090.