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Why Should You Choose The Verti-Press Automatic Filter Press?

By far, one of Filtra-Systems’ most highly respected products, the Verti-Press Automatic Tower Filter Press is ideal for the dewatering needs of several chemical and industrial mineral companies.

In fact, many heavy industrial companies use these dewatering filtration systems including Kodak, Bayer and Dofasco.

The Verti-Press’ signature characteristic is its vertically stacked columns, allowing for a minimal footprint. Sacrificing footprint does not mean cutting quality, as the Verti-Press produces dry and impressively solid cakes as well as a high wash efficiency.


Using a diaphragm, the Verti-Press squeezes the liquid mechanically from solid cakes. Once all of the liquid is pressed out, the remaining dry cakes potentially contain up to 94% solids.

Most notably, depending on the processing or manufacturing plant, a specified dryness might be needed for optimal processes. This is an operational system that allows plants to meet many requirements at all times.


The Verti-Press features a stacked design that, while simple, allows companies to use their plant’s vertical space for their operational needs.

In the long run, tower filter presses take up far less horizontal space than traditional filter presses, meaning that there is a more efficient plant area.

A manufacturing or processing plant inherently comes with a lot of moving parts, both mechanical and human. Using these vertical filtration systems such as the Verti-Press can potentially be a key practice for employers looking to minimize safety risks in the workplace.


Having only a small number of moving parts in the Verti-Press means your company leaders can save a considerable amount of time, money on energy and maintenance costs.

On top of all that, the individual chambers found in the Verti-Press can easily be isolated, which supports routine maintenance to be scheduled entirely at the manager’s convenience.


Through its operation, which combines full automation with high-speed cycling, the Verti-Press Tower Filter Press emerges with an extremely high solids output.

Thanks to its design, the Verti-Press can maximize efficiency in your manufacturing plants by running a dewatering cycle as low as five minutes.

Already known for delivering exemplary products such as the Hydromation Walnut Shell Media Filter, Filtra-Systems is proud to offer the Verti-Press as a versatile, reliable solution for companies that need an efficient way to wash and dewater slurries.

When minimizing your footprint and workplace safety risks without compromising yield is a priority, the Verti-Press could be your very best option to take a look at today Click here now because our helpful support team of experts is ready to help you.

Filtra-Systems has proven over and over how it’s possibles to get a cost-effective solution when you company is looking to drastically improve their operational efficiency.

How To Chose The Right Medium For Your Filtration Needs

There are a variety of options when choosing your industrial filtration systems.

Different uses are designed to suit the particular needs of your industry and each user. Filter presses, walnut shell filters, cartridge filters and bag filters are all excellent in their respective uses.

Here is a quick guide to deciding the direction that you need to look when determining your industrial filtration systems.

Filter presses are designed to remove water from the solids, where typically industrial water treatment equipment is made to do just the opposite.

Filter presses are ideal for any filtration application where a substantial amount of material needs to be removed so that the more conventional filtration method can then be applied.

A filter press operates by using pressurized air or a water-filled diaphragm on a slurry mixture which pushes out the water. The remaining “filter cake” is then either disposed of or processed more.

A bed filter uses a bed of filter material to remove contaminants. Material is gathered through the bed by taking a tortuous path, allowing large amounts of material to be collected before the filter plugs.

A backwash cycle initiated once the medium is saturated with contaminants. The bed is fluidized, and waste is removed. The reuse of the filtration medium significantly decreases waste associated with the process.

Another option for your industrial filtration systems is cartridge filters. These are disposable and replaceable self-contained filtration units.

They are made of a central perforated core that is wrapped in layers of filtration material. Inlet water is pumped through the filter core and passes through the walls of the filter. The contaminants are filtered through the depth of the filter cartridge.

These are typically used in applications where high purity water is absolutely required. There is a wide range of treatment solutions available, and we can help you find the right fit for your particular need.

Get in contact with one of our filtration experts, and we may help find the right solution for you.

Is An Automatic Filter Press The Right Solution For Your Company?

Filtra-Systems offers the most advanced automatic filter press available. The opportunities that automated filter presses provide can change the way you do business. Every company needs more time in the day. A fully automatic filter press can be rapidly cycled and the time that was previously invested in manually scraping plates is eliminated. The vertically stacked chambers give flexibility and improve efficiency and are key to improving cake quality. Like every company, you want to increase the quality of your production process. Human error can have a significant impact when maintaining a manual pressure filter. An automatic pressure filter significantly reduces the potential for error in operations. As a result, automation results in a safer and more cost-efficient process.

Fortunately for business owners, Filtra-Systems offers the most advanced dewatering tower press on the market. We offer different sizes to match your organization’s needs. Our automatic filter press was designed to meet the needs of a number of industrial processes in the modern world. Our automatic filter press is commonly an improvement over conventional plate and frame filter technology.

The Verti-Press utilizes stacked chambers that each can be isolated for individual use. The individual operation is key because it allows a higher level of equipment availability and provides flexibility needed when arranging for maintenance tasks. We have worked with a variety of businesses in different industries and re in tune with our client’s needs. We have been able to lower both initial and operating costs by combining new larger machine sizes with a new enclosed chamber design.

We have a number of pilot filters which provide bench scale testing of the Verti-Press to make sure it is the right fit for you needs. Contact us today to learn about how our Verti-Press technology can work for you.


Improving Your Operating Efficiency With The Verti-Press Tower Filter Press

The Verti-Press Tower Filter Press is a dewatering filter used by some of the biggest names in the business, including Kodak and Dofasco.

Using these vertically stacked columns, the Verti-Press can produce dry, solid cakes and a high wash efficiency with a minimal footprint.

The Verti-Press uses a tested and proven diaphragm to mechanically squeeze the mother liquor from solid cakes.

After the liquor is pressed out, what remains are dry cakes that may consist of up to 94% solids.

Many manufacturing and processing plants require a specified dryness in their processes. With the Verti-Press, you’ll meet your requirements every time.

Combining both high-speed cycling with full automation, you’ll get very high solids output.

And, because of its design, this dewatering filter can cycle in as little as five minutes, maximizing efficiency within your manufacturing plant.

The simple, stacked design will also allow you to use your plant’s space to its full potential. With only a few moving parts, you’ll be able to save money on maintenance and energy costs.

Even better, the individual chambers can be isolated, allowing routine maintenance to occur at your convenience.

With one of the most effective products in the industry, Filtra-Systems is ready to help you improve your business.

So what are you waiting for? Our team at Filtra-Systems will make it easy for you to find a cost-effective solution for your company.

When you call, you’ll discover a lot more about our products and how they will help you and your bottom line, call 248-427-9090 now.

Build Filter Cakes Efficiently With A Verti-Press Automatic Filter Press

The world is continually moving towards automated operations. To identify opportunities for efficiency, one of the best places to start is by reviewing traditionally manual processes. Automatic filter presses offer multiple opportunities to increase efficiency in your operations. Filtra-Systems offers the most advanced automatic filter press available.

The Verti-Press is an automatic pressure filter that is available in multiple sizes to meet any need. An automatic filter press offers a few major advantages over the traditional manual filter press. An automatic pressure filter operates the same as a manual filter press except that the entire process doesn’t require the maintenance of a skilled laborer to complete a filter cycle.

A fully automatic filter press can be rapidly cycled and can drastically reduce the workload of an employee who would otherwise need to manually scrape plates. The vertically stacked chambers offer flexibility and improve efficiency. There is no need for workers to maintain the filter press on a daily basis, which greatly decreases the risk of human error. The fewer operational mistakes there are, the more efficient the processes may be. The automation results in a much more cost-efficient process, produces much more accurate results, and is safer. The less time spent maintaining a filter press means more time in the day can be allocated towards more important issues.

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Common Dewatering Issues That An Automatic Filter Press Can Solve

Dewatering issues are common and preventable. As a world leader in filtration, Filtra-Systems offers the most advanced dewatering automatic filter press available on the market today. If you’re experiencing dewatering system issues, an automatic filter press could be the solution for your current issues.

What are common dewatering systems issues?

Poor Performance
Efficiency Standards
Plate Shifting

Filtra-Systems’ Verti-Press Automatic Tower Filter Press is capable of meeting your needs, proven through its success in multiple industries. We have combined newer and larger machine sizes with a design that completely encloses the chamber, allowing for lower initial and operating costs for our customers. The new chamber design is not only cost efficient but also ensures equipment and operator safety. (The chamber design minimizes potential chemical exposure.)

Our advanced technology utilizes vertically stacked chambers that are able to be isolated. By isolating each individual chamber, maintenance is able to be performed on your automatic filter press more efficiently. When high cake solids and/or the highest wash efficiency are required, the Verti-Press is the product for you. The maintainability and reliability are unlike any other automated filter press on the market.

At Filtra-Systems, we know our customers needs. We work with businesses to finely tune and build our products to the needs of our customers. Cost, product efficiency, and safety are our top concerns with manufacturing a product.

Read more about our Verti-Press Automatic Tower Filter Press and how it can solve your dewatering issues.

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Save Money with Automatic Filter Press Technology From Filtra-Systems

Looking for efficiency? Converting traditional manual processes to automated processes is a great place to start. When it comes to your industrial filtration system needs, Filtra-Systems’ Verti-Press offers a great alternative to replace your traditional manual filter press. How does an automatic filter press work differently? Conceptually, it operates the same as a manual plate and frame filter, except that the process doesn’t require a skilled laborer to monitor the process. Chambers are also oriented horizontally, to evenly distribute slurry across the filter belts. A diaphragm compresses filter cakes, further dewatering them, and helping to optimize process conditions.

What is the value of automation? Time, certainty, and energy savings can all be improved by an automatic pressure filter from Filtra-Systems. The fewer man-hours needed to operate a manual filter press, the more time that can be allocated towards other areas of the company. The automatic filter press can be rapidly cycled, and gone is the time spent manually scraping plates.

Without the need for workers to maintain the filter press, there is much less risk for human error. An automatic pressure filter substantially reduces the risk of operational mistakes. The automation results in a much more cost efficient process, is safer, and produces much more accurate results.

Companies are striving to increase their green energy impact on society. The initiative sweeping the industry to grow a green energy image is significant. Automatic filter presses from Filtra-Systems result in more energy efficient processes by reducing labor and human error that occurs in manual processes.

3 Reasons an Automatic Filter Press Will Improve Performance and Reduce Costs

Filtra-Systems offers the most advanced automatic filter press available. Automated filter presses offer multiple opportunities to increase efficiency in plant operations. Filtra-Systems’ Verti-Press is an automatic pressure filter that is available in multiple sizes to meet any need. An automatic filter press offers a few major advantages over the traditional manual filter press.

Time Efficiency

Every company needs more time in the day to allocate towards the most important issues. A fully automatic filter press can be rapidly cycle and the time that is typically spent manually scraping plates is eliminated. The key is the vertically stacked chambers which offer flexibility and improve efficiency.


Human error can be a considerable factor when operating and maintaining a manual pressure filter. An automatic pressure filter significantly reduces the potential for error in operations. Automation results in a safer and much more cost efficient process to produce more accurate results.

Green Energy Efficiency

With the green energy initiative sweeping across industries, companies are constantly trying to find opportunities to expand their green energy image. When labor and human error are decreased the energy that is typically used for those manual processes is reduced. Automatic filter presses from Filtra-Systems result in a more energy efficient process.

3 Benefits of Automatic Filter Presses Have Over Manual Filter Presses

Below are 3 benefits automatic filter presses offer over manual ones.

Benefit One: Increased Filtration Time

Fully automatic filter presses can be rapidly cycled, especially as compared to their manual counterparts. With an automatic belt wash, time spent scraping plates is eliminated, freeing up man-hours for other projects.

The unique design of the Verti-Press utilizes vertically stacked chambers that offer flexibility and improve wash efficiency for a more even product.

Benefit Two: Increased Efficiency

Automation if not removes, then greatly reduces the potential for error in any process, resulting in a safer, more efficient process that uses fewer materials and lowers costs.

The use of an automatic filter press produces more accurate and precise results. The size of the filter cake can be dialed in by selecting the amount of slurry fed into the press during each cycle.

Benefit Three: Requires Less Energy

Any reduction in labor and error results in better energy efficiency.

As multiple industries look for more energy-efficient processes and “green” technology, the benefits of using an automatic filter press are also expected to grow.

The Verti-Press automatic filter press from Filtra-Systems is the most advanced product of its kind available today. Understand the unique needs of organizations within different industries, Filtra-Systems can provide an appropriately sized press to meet the specifications of different applications.

Another Benefit of the Verti-Press

It minimizes the potential for chemical exposure and ensures equipment safety. The Verti-Press from Filtra-Systems may be the best choice for you in filter presses available today.

If you want to know more about the benefits of the automatic Verti-Press filter press from Filtra-Systems, or if you aren’t sure about the filter needed for your application, click here and contact us today.

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Which Filtration System Is Right For Your Business?

Choosing the right filter press is essential for an effective filtration system.

It can often be difficult to choose a reliable filter press that is easily maintained, cost-effective, and simple to operate. However, Filtra-Systems offers high-quality filter presses that pass the test of time, and are easily maintained and managed.

For instance, the Verti-Press Vertical Tower Filter Press is an effective and efficient system for slurry dewatering. The multiple stacked chambers allow for a more efficient process.

One advantage is individual chambers can be taken offline to enable continued runtime.

Another advantage is maintenance can be put off until the entire system is shut down, therefore the amount of lost working time is greatly reduced. Your operating costs can be decreased and maintenance processes more easily managed.

Functional industrial filtration systems are essential for many processes.

Filter cakes with remove as much water as possible from the solids in the treatment system are often desired.

The Verti-Press has the power to create a high volume of solids and extract the most water possible.

And, the Verti-Press Tower Filter Press has side seals for a fully enclosed filtrate design, which increases process safety by cutting down on potential process exposure outside of the filter. It is a highly efficient and highly functional industrial filtration system and is at the forefront of filter press technology.

Filtra-Systems has a commitment to continued research and progress in the filtration industry.

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