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Single Bag Versus Multi-Bag Filter Housings

Choosing whether a single bag filter or a multi-bag filter is best for your specific need is a common question.

If you’re looking for higher flow rates and less frequent bag changes, a multi-bag filter housing may be the best option. Multi-bag filter housings provide a fast turnaround. Spring balanced lid and swing bolts make bag changes fast and efficient. Our compression style bag clamps guarantee bag sealing.

Multiple bags also means higher flow rates and less downtime for bag changes, so you’re not spending your day and dollars with unnecessary tasks.

The ergonomic design provides a low profile for easier access, and the spring-balanced lid can be opened single-handedly. A highly convenient feature of the multi-bag filter housings is that they accept both industry standard #2 bags and pleated cartridges. It also allows alternate inlet and outlet flange placement, and orientation can be specified.

However, a multi-bag filter housing may not always be necessary.

Filtra-Systems single bag filter housings can serve a variety of purposes as well.

What are some of the advantages of a single bag filter housing? First of all, price. These filters are economically designed. Second, the simple design has been perfected over four decades helps the single bag filter to be efficient and effective regardless of your budget.

No tools are required to change bags. V-Clamp cover closures make changing bags fast and easy, so you aren’t spending your time on these tasks.

Vessel housings are electropolished stainless steel and are incredibly easy to clean and maintain. Like the multi-bag options, the single bag filter housings also take standard or pleated bags.

Choosing the proper bag and cartridge filter can be complicated, so when you have questions about bag filter housings or cartridge filter housings, contact our team of experienced applications engineers, who will review your process and make a recommendation.

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