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Why Coolant Filters Are A Must For CNC Machining Applications

There are several reasons why your shop floor should be using the latest in CNC coolant filtration systems to help keep the coolant system working properly. Most in the industry are well aware of how much money coolant filtration systems can save a company over the course of a year, and the lifetime of each machine. But this is only the beginning, as filtration companies such as Filtra-Systems move towards the creation of systems that are more effective and efficient using a wide range of filtration mediums.

Poor Filtration Costs Money

The simple reality is that in today’s manufacturing environment of ever-tightening budgets, the use of a poor-quality CNC coolant filter can lead to a range of problems. Among the worst of these are the risk of metallic fines ending up in the coolant, and the growth of bacteria. A buildup of metallic fines within the coolant not only reduces the quality of machined parts, but also leads to accelerated wear throughout the machinery, causing damage to the pump, nozzles, and potentially the machine tool.

Doing Things The Right Way

Today’s machine industry is running machinery that operates faster than ever and is working with metals that are more abrasive than those cut in the past. All of this places a huge demand on the coolant, and therefore the CNC coolant filter system. It has become more necessary for modern coolant filtration systems to provide extremely stable and reliable performance.

There was a time when a machining facility might be able to get away with a CNC coolant filtration system that was cobbled together using parts from a variety of manufacturers or systems. In today’s high pressure, high speed machining environment where extreme precision is more important than ever, this type of system is no longer good enough.

At Filtra-Systems, we offer turnkey chip processing and coolant filtration systems designed to provide your facility with continuous operation. Whether you are manufacturing engine blocks, camshafts, axles, or any one of thousands of other products, our CNC coolant filters are designed to provide your machines with the cleanest possible coolant at all times.

Your Company, Your Coolant Filtration System

At Filtra-Systems we understand that no two of our clients have the same needs. To ensure that we meet the needs of every customer, we offer both central coolant systems and stand-alone units built to meet your requirements. Our CNC coolant filter systems can be customized to meet your needs using pressure, vacuum, magnetic, and bag filters to ensure every drop of coolant sent back to your machines is as pure as possible.

Our goal is to help our clients keep their operating costs under control by reducing the wear on their machinery. We accomplish this by providing the highest level of coolant filtration possible at all times.