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Remove Fine Particulates with an Industrial Cartridge Filter from Filtra-Systems

Both industrial bag filters and cartridge filters are used in various industries to separate particles out of liquids as they pass through the filter media. The choice of which type to use depends on the type and amount of particulate that needs to be removed.

Industrial bag filters are used in applications where solids must be removed from the liquid. These filters separate the solids from the liquid on the inside of the filter as the liquid flows from the inside of the bag to the outside.

An industrial cartridge filter is preferred when there are low levels of contamination and fine particles need to be removed. They are also the primary choice for most water purification processes. A cartridge filter may also be used after other types of filters a final piece of protection.

The Features that Set Filtra-Systems Industrial Cartridge Filters Apart

The design and materials used to make an industrial cartridge filter determine how effective it will be at separating particulate from liquid. There are many industrial filters on the market today, making it difficult for companies to know which type to choose for the most efficient filtration process. At Filtra-Systems, we make getting the right filter for your application easy. One way that we have simplified the process is by creating a new terminology that is easy to understand.

Another feature that sets our company apart is our carefully engineered and designed filters that offer high flexibility for any industrial filtration system. No matter what size, media, or characteristics you need, we have the industrial cartridge filter that offers real solutions for your application.

Filtra-Systems has worked across a broad range of industries to provide them with the industrial bag filters and cartridge filters needed to achieve high separation rates. Contact us to find out the best filter options for your business.

Improving Performance and Water Quality with Industrial Filtration Systems

Mining companies face increasingly challenging situations, that make it more difficult to meet the standards of water management. They require the most efficient industrial filtration systems to ensure that the runoff water from their operations does not pose a risk of contaminating drinking water or the surrounding environment. Filtra-Systems’ use of cutting-edge technology has made us the first choice for the industrial water filtration needs of mining companies which face difficult challenges to meet their discharge limits.

Unique and Efficient Solutions for Industrial Water Filtration Needs

Like mining companies, other companies struggling to meet discharge limits have characteristics that make them unique. Their location, the processes they perform, and the ways they use and dispose of water are just some of the details that set them apart. For example, some mining companies recycle the water they use, so water must sometimes be treated for different reuse and discharge qualities.

Every detail of the company’s water management plan goes towards determining the best products and methods of industrial water filtration for them. Filtra-Systems’ in-depth knowledge and experience with industrial filtration systems gives us the capability to find the best water filtration solutions on an individual basis. We use the most advanced technology to create industrial water filtration products that offer incomparable efficiency.

Long gone are the limitations that had been imposed by sand filters. Today, industrial water filters are made to provide more effective, customized solutions that protect the environment as well as the workers who come into contact with with contaminants on a daily basis. Filtra-Systems is leading the way by implementing technology that delivers real results and solutions. Contact us to find out how we can help you enhance the efficiency of your water management plan.

3 Examples of how Removing Contaminants from your Industrial Water Filtration System Enhances Performance

The issue of industrial water filtration has become more important over the past decade. Water shortages, higher standards, and environmental safety are just some of the factors that continue to make the efficient filtration of water important to a number of industries. Choosing the right industrial water filter systems and filters for individual processes enhances the ability of the system to filter out contaminants efficiently.

At Filtra-Systems, we know the importance of getting the most cost-effective results from every piece of equipment you use. The STiR technology we use results in an industrial water filter that exceeds all others in performance. These are three examples of how our STiR industrial water filter can improve the filtration process.

  • Lower Susceptibility to Media Fouling – Unlike industrial water filtration systems that use carbon, sand, or anthracite filters, STiR technology removes all of the captured contaminants during every backwash cycle. This highly efficient backwash protects the filter media from fouling.
  • Lower Disposal – Other types of industrial water filters, such as those made from sand, that are used to remove oils and greases from water often cause the filter media to mudball. The end result is a filtration system that doesn’t work, and a high cost to the owner for replacment filters. STiR industrial water filter systems eliminate this risk, making them more effective and affordable to operate.
  • Minimizes Waste Volume – The unique design of the STiR industrial water filter results in lower waste volume, reducing the cost of either disposal or reprocessing.

Using the STiR industrial water filtration system from Filtra-Systems results in a water filtration process that is safer for operators and the environment by removing 95% of solids material and 90% of of oil without the use of expensive chemicals. The effectiveness of filtration system can have a big big impact on the efficiency of your entire operation. If you want to know more about how the STiR technology can help you improve filtration and increase the efficiency of your industrial water systems, contact Filtra-Systems today. We can help you find the right solution for your business.

Filtra-Systems Provides Advanced Water Filtration Technologies for Your Industry

As industrial applications become more complex and even more demanding, regulations are placed on them. Because of ever-changing standards for the disposal of industrial waste water, the water filtration must change in response. Filtra-Systems employs talented designers and engineers to produce an advanced line of industrial water filters, using technology to remain on the cutting edge. The products created today implement the most advanced technology and will play a vital role in the development of filtration technologies for the future.

Filtration Technology of the Future

Industrial water filtration continues to grow in importance for the production of purified water. Industries need increasingly reliable filtration for better efficiency and safety. Companies also strive to produce the highest quality products to make them competitive in a growing market.

Filtra-Systems understands the role new technologies will play in the future, and we invest in a broad range of those available today to meet the challenges of all industries and the needs that are specific to them. Some examples of the industrial water filters that reflect modern technologies are river protection filters, filters for groundwater remediation, and fuel oil removal filtration. All of these filters have gone through multiple design changes to increase their efficiency just as Filtra-Systems continues to develop and incorporate technologies into new products that offer more advanced solutions.

What Industries Need to Know About the Future of Industrial Water Filtration

To achieve the best results when selecting industrial water filters, every detail matters. The right materials, size, and design are just some of the features that will determine how well your filtration process works. To add to the challenge, many companies are also looking for industrial water filtration systems that are cost-effective and beneficial to the environment. At the same time, they need to minimize operating costs.

A lack of knowledge of filtration technologies can easily result in companies making the wrong choice in industrial water filters and filtration systems. Filtra-Systems can provide you with the information you need about a wide variety of industrial water filters to help you make an informed decision. Contact us to learn the best filtration solutions for your applications.

The Next Era of Industrial Water Filters Has Arrived at Filtra-Systems

For many companies, the use of water filters is required. They look for the most cost-effective industrial water filters in order to meet regulations and provide a quality product. Filtra-Systems has implemented the newest technology into their filters to optimize the industrial water filtration capabilities for a broad range of industries and improve their operation’s efficiency and cost. Filtra-Systems is ahead of it’s time, and is always striving to stay on the cutting edge of industrial water filtration.

Filtra-Systems applies the same attention to detail today that will lead to its defining of essential water treatment solutions in the future. The application of technology in a variety of areas allows the company to have the unique position to offer the most advanced industrial water filtration systems available today.

Sharing the Knowledge

Filtra-Systems has nearly 40 years of experience behind their industrial water filters, and can provide every client with the custom solutions they need for their specific application. We believe that the only way to achieve efficient industrial water filtration is by creating customized solutions for each specific need.

There are many ways that industries are changing. Better technologies allow the development of new and more efficient filtration systems. Industries that have had to deal with water shortages have adapted the knowledge and understanding of how filtration and wastewater treatment benefits their operations. New and increasingly stringent regulations on filtration also drive technology forward to meet these increasing demands. The technology behind the industrial water filters from Filtra-Systems gives companies in a broad range of industries the solutions they need to continue operating at a more affordable cost to them and to the environment.

It is vital for companies to stay informed on the latest technological improvements, in order to make informed decisions about which industrial water filters to use for the most efficient processes. If you want to learn more about the different types of filters offered for industrial water filtration, Filtra-Systems is ready to share the knowledge and technology you need in order to operate more efficiently.

How Custom-Engineered Industrial Water Purification Systems Can Save You Time and Money

Filtra-Systems has taken its place as a world leader in creating custom industrial water purification solutions by installing over 16,000 systems around the world. Its secret to providing products that result in superior industrial water filtration is in creating custom industrial water and wastewater filters according to the specific needs of every customer.

Custom Products Result From a Working Partnership with Clients

No one knows the needs of the company like the people who operate it’s processes everyday. That’s why the skilled designers and engineers at Filtra-Systems work as a partner with each client from the initial stages of design, through the testing and engineering phases. Creating the perfect solution is a collaborative effort that doesn’t end until the industrial water purification system has been installed and is working according to expectations. Even then, Filtra-Systems continues to provide support to keep the system operating optimally.

Producing the Most Efficient Industrial Water Filtration Process

The process used by Filtra-Systems results in a more sustainable solution that is more efficient by design. The patented STiR technology used in making industrial water filters are modeled on Continuously Stirred Tank Reactors (CSTR) that provide even mixing of every portion of their tank. This model allows the STiR to clean 100% of filter media during a single backwash cycle. The system implements modern walnut shell filter technology to achieve a high removal efficiency when removing oils, greases and suspended solids (TSS). The filtration media is expected to last at least 30 years when operated normally.

The efficiency of these industrial water purification and filtration systems means less time and money to operate and maintain the equipment. Custom solutions also mean that you purchase only the products that you need for optimal operation and nothing more.

The Significance of Advanced Technology

Filtra-Systems uses the most advanced technology and innovative features to create products that will perform efficiently and last a long time. This prevents you from having to reinvest in a new industrial water filtration system every few years.

Filtra-Systems offers a variety of filters for industrial water purification, including absolute rated cartridge filters with a 99.5% efficiency at a given micron rating. For more information on how to save time and money through more efficient, customized industrial water filtration systems, contact the world leaders at Filtra-Systems.

A Short Overview of Advanced Industrial Water Purification Products by Filtra-Systems

Filtra-Systems, a world-class provider of waste water filtration and industrial water purification systems to a wide variety of industries that rely on these crucial services in their day to day operations, has more than three decades worth of expertise and experience in designing and engineering such systems. We have a large array of proprietary filtration options, including custom-designed and engineered filtration media systems, pressure or vacuum systems, or bag and cartridge systems, all of which can filter waste water in order to meet the most stringent environmental standards.

The Perfect Solution for Industrial Water Filtration Needs

Filtra-Systems has the perfect solution your organization may need for its industrial water filtration or industrial water purification requirements. We are easily capable of providing your company with industry specific, turnkey, and custom-designed industrial water filtration solutions, making use of the most proven and innovative technologies appropriate for your particular needs. Filtra-Systems has staked its reputation on more than just filtration and purification systems that work: we’re known for taking only the most innovative approaches to industrial water purification through the research and development of a number of patented processes and technologies. We’re proud of being able to design and implement systems that aren’t just cost-effective but are also very efficient.

Proven and Innovative Filtration Technologies

One of our most proven and innovative industrial water filtration technologies is Filtra-Systems’ patented STiR technology. The STiR filter can clean 100% of its filter media during a backwash cycle, which is a vast improvement over more dated and less efficient technologies that make use of filter media that are unable to fluidize during backwash cycles.

Want to learn even more about Filtra-Systems and how our patented processes for filtering and purifying industrial water can help you? Call us today. We’ll show you what technologies we can provide for you industry, and help to increase the performance of your own filtration systems.

Which Industrial Water Filter is Best Suited for My Industry?

Filtra-Systems has been providing a varied range of industrial water filtration solutions and industrial water filters for decades. We specialize in high-engineering industries, and our proprietary technologies are used to treat industrial process water, cooling tower water, groundwater, and wastewater, to name a few.

A Solution for Every Industry

A customer that approaches Filtra-Systems to design and install an industrial water filtration systems on its behalf can choose from a wide selection of options, including bag, pressure, vacuum, and walnut shell media filters. These systems can remove a number of contaminants from water, including oils and suspended solids. This makes it easy for you to dispose or recycle your wastewater in ways that comply with environmental regulations. Maintaining an industrial water filtration system may be a cost of doing business, but there’s no reason you can’t use a cost-effective option that will minimize the economic impact that your filter has on your revenue.

Custom-Designed Industrial Water Filtration

There are as many water quality specifications as there are organizations that need water filtration for their daily industrial operations. Over the last three decades, Filtra-Systems has seen and done it all when it comes to designing industrial water filters. We go to great lengths to ensure that the technology we use in designing your industrial water filtration system is exactly what you need. This can take the form of cartridge filters, pressure filters, walnut shell media filter systems, or anything in between.

If you want to know more about the exact kind of industrial water filter that would be ideal for your operation, contact Filtra-Systems today. Our skilled and experienced engineers can describe exactly the type of filtration your company needs in order to be in full compliance with all environmental regulations while also remaining cost-effective and therefore having as little impact on your operating costs as possible.

4 Steps In Industrial Water Purification

Filtra-Systems knows what it takes to perform industrial water filtration. However, the full process can seem impenetrable to outside observers. To that end, here’s how a general industrial water purification system works.

Step One: Screening

Source water, either from a natural source or from an industrial one, will typically pass through a screen as it enters industrial filtration systems. This step is important because it keeps large material out of the water system, which can clog or otherwise disrupt the purification processes.

Step Two: Coagulation/Flocculation

The second step is usually the addition of chemicals to the water to be treated. This causes the formation of small yet sticky particles known as floc to begin forming. In turn this floc will attract larger and larger particles. This leads to the now-larger particulate to either sink to the bottom of the floc tank for conveyor removal, or rise to the top in order to be skimmed off.

Step Three: Filtration

Filtration is the critical part of the majority of industrial water purification systems. The water will be pumped through one of many different types of filters, leaving the accumulated floc behind in the filtration media. These filters, which can be made from cloth, crushed black walnut shell (BWS or NSF), sand, or carbon, trap and remove even more particulate as the water passes through them. For example, Filtra-Systems’ patented filtration processes involve the use of a bed of walnut shell media.

Step Four: Disinfection

The now-filtered water is then pumped into a closed tank where disinfectant chemicals such as chlorine are used to destroy any bacteria or other microorganisms that might have survived the filtration process. Other technologies include ultrafiltration (filters with pores of 0.2 micron or less), purification with ultra-violet light (UV), or reverse osmosis (RO).

Do you have more questions regarding the industrial water filtration process or what types of industrial purification systems might be a good choice for your organization? Contact Filtra-Systems today and we’ll be happy to share our 30 years worth of expertise in building and maintaining industrial water purification systems and solutions.

How Advances in Industrial Water Filtration Can Increase Your System’s Efficiency

Filtra-Systems has a reputation of providing simply the best industrial water filters in a global setting, and has been for more than three decades. When it comes to industrial water filtration, we know what it takes to design, install and maintain systems. We can increase your system’s efficiency by providing industrial water filtration that needs little in the way of maintenance and spends the most time possible filtering water in order to meet the needs of your particular industry.

Industrial Water Filter Solutions for Companies of Every Size

Filtra-Systems does not cut corners when it comes to designing innovative industrial water filtration solutions for our clients. We’ve patented several important approaches to industrial water filtration, most notably our STiR filter media cleansing systems that uses the lowest possible volume of clean water to backwash the media bed, providing completely clean filter media at the end of every cycle. Our other innovative approaches include using walnut shell filter media, which offers high level of durability and much more effective filtration when compared to other filter medias like anthracite and carbon.

Designed Specifically to Meet our Clients Needs

If there’s one thing that Filtra-Systems has learned after all these years of being in business, we know how crucial it is to listen to our clients in order to design innovative industrial water filtration systems that meet their needs. In the creation of each new system or process we design, we strive for higher levels of efficiency that keep your systems running longer without interruption in order to make maintenance cycles few and far between.

If you want to learn more about how Filtra-Systems industrial water filters improve upon other designs and how the technologies we use can keep your filtration system running as efficiently as possible, contact Filtra-Systems today. We can provide you the best in cost-effective and efficient industrial water filtration technologies for each and every business out there.