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Why Your Company Needs A Mist Collector

From large machinery air quality, successful companies understand that pragmatic safeguards are necessary in order to protect their workers from the dangers that are inherent to industrial environments. Oftentimes, these safeguards not only protect workers’ health, they have a significant positive impact on the efficiency of the process. Companies that choose to invest in these safeguards help keep their employees safe and can make more money in the process.

Improved Workplace Health

When coolants and oils are sprayed onto parts during cutting, honing, and grinding processes, oil mist is released into the air. If good mist collectors are not installed, this oily mist will leave the machine and escape into the air. As can be easily deduced, this mist is not healthy for humans to breathe. Limiting lung exposure to this byproduct of CNC machining has a measured benefit on workers’ health. In addition to the respiratory issues that can result from the inhalation of oil mist, long term exposure can cause skin disease. The current OSHA standard for mineral oil in air is 5 mg/m3. Air passed through HEPA filters generally has 0.5 mg/m3 of oil mist, 10X below OSHA standards.

Mist collectors are commonly mounted to the cutting machine, and prevent oil mists from entering shop air. HEPA filters can prevent this from happening by removing most particulate from the air stream.

Improved Maintenance & Efficiency

Filtra-Systems has designed coolant filtration systems for industrial applications for decades, which is why we understand the need for robust solutions that require little maintenance to ensure optimum output with little downtime. Systems that lack mist collectors must address maintenance problems with mist that accumulates on the walls, floors, and machines. Just as importantly, systems that lack mist collectors must spend money on additional coolant to add to the system in order to make up for the volume  that is lost to the air. Both of these issues can cost a company time and mone

The Filtra-Systems Advantage

Filtra-Systems Gen II Mist Collectors have several distinct advantages over competing collectors. The vast majority of coolant can be returned to the machine because it is mounted directly to the CNC machine, before any ductwork. The centrifugal separator protects the disposable HEPA filter, minimizing the cost of replacement media and downtime during change outs.

Designed with our customers in mind, our oil mist collector will improve your company’s bottom line and protect the health of your workers.