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Conserving Coolant With A Mist Collector System

At Filtra-Systems, we are engineering new products that will increase health and production standards for the various industries we serve. Today, we want to talk to you about our mist collector systems that will help conserve your coolant. Before we talk about our mist collector and coolant filtration systems, let’s talk about how this machinery works in order to better understand the benefits.

When coolants and oils are sprayed onto parts, oil mist is released into the vicinity. Inhalation of this oil mist can cause long-term health problems. When members of your workforce are exposed to this mist regularly, it is common for respiratory issues to arise, cause by the exposure to the mist. We know how important it is to conserve coolant through filtration, but we also know how important the health of your workforce is. The long term effects can generate serious concerns including skin disease, and therefore OSHA has requirements for mineral oil in air exposed to workers.

A mist collector is used to remove the oil from air using a centrifugal separation system. After doing this, the droplets are then gravity-drained back in to the machine tool, decreasing the overall loss of coolant. Not only is this process economically beneficial, but environmentally sound as well. During this process, there are no active moving parts. Therefore, excess maintenance is not required for this particular mist collection technology.

Another added benefit of our mist collection systems is the reduced maintenance of the surrounding area. This same oil mist accumulates on walls, floors, and machines and because of this causes the workers in the area to be subject to not only health hazards but a dirty workplace. Filtra-Systems Gen II Mist Collectors are mounted to the cutting machine and prevent oil mists from entering the workplace air.