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The Voyager Cleans Your Produced Water For Recycling

The purchase of clean water is a growing concern and expense for well operators in the Permian Basin.

As costs of clean water continue to rise, demand also increases, causing major production cost issues.

To help ease the costs of buying and moving clean water, Filtra-Systems engineered, manufactured and introduced the Voyager Mobile Water Recycling System to oil field operators and producers.

Voyager Mobile Water Recycling System

The VOYAGER, is an on-demand mobile filtration unit, designed and engineered to recycle produced water for reinjection.

It uses tested and proven filtration and separation technologies for processing up to 10,000 BPD of produced water which can then be easily pumped to your next frac.

The VOYAGER has been verified effective, in the Permian, at meeting the most stringent KPI’s for the removal of oil, suspended solids ( < 30 NTU ), Iron (< 5 ppm) and ORP.

Another upside is these units are completely automated and required minimal operator attention. All filtration cycles can be monitored using an easily accessible display screen, which eliminates the need for a dedicated operator.

At the same time, all process data is recorded and tracked remotely. The current flow rate, barrels of water processed per day, and waste generated can all be tracked without entering the field from anywhere with Internet access.

VOYAGER rentals are available now. They are trailer mounted for easy transportation to even the most remote locations. Filtra-Systems, will analyze your water chemistry and optimize the effectiveness of the mobile water recycling system on site.

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