Bag Filter Magnetic Inserts

Did you know the buildup of ferrous material poses a serious risk to not only coolant filtration systems but to the quality of products produced by a manufacturer?

This unwanted material can damage cutting tools and compromise the quality of finished parts.

Many companies in a variety of industries use bag filter systems to help eliminate this material from their operations.  While bag filters are a great first step in combatting this problem, magnetic inserts offer significant benefits to companies that use bag filters in their factories.

Magnetic Inserts For Improved Performance

Magnetic inserts can improve the lifespan and effectiveness of bag filters.  A typical bag filter system would use just the bags to remove material from the coolant.

Unfortunately, bags have a limit to the size of particles they can remove (bags that are sized too tightly will remove important coolant additives in addition to waste).

On the other hand, magnetic bars do not suffer from this deficiency.  These bars are able to remove magnetic particles that would otherwise pass through the pores of bags.

To remove even the smallest particles, the flow should be limited so that the fluid has the greatest possible contact time with the magnets.  To maximize fluid contact time, the system should always operate with a laminar flow.

Less Maintenance & Longer Lifespan

Bag filter systems that do not take advantage of magnetic bars solely rely on the bag to filter out ferrous material.

Naturally, bags that have reached the end of their useful life have to be replaced by plant personnel to complete the changeover.

The fact is, magnetic inserts increase the longevity of the bags by removing particulate before it even contacts the bag.

As a result, bags last longer, which directly translates to fewer man-hours that will be spent changing bags.

Cleaning the magnets is itself simple as well.  When bags eventually plug, simply removing the magnet from its frame and wiping it off is all that’s needed to properly maintain them.

Our magnets have an endless life, meaning that they do not need to be replaced over the life of the product.

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