How Bag and Cartridge Filters Reduce Disposal Cost

Bag and Cartridge Wastewater Filters Can Help You Save Money

Water filtration can greatly reduce your waste disposal costs. How? When suspended solids are removed fromyour waste water, in many cases, it can simply be disposed of to a sewer system.

However, levels higher than allowed can incur fines, and even force the hauling of water off-site for disposal. Even more savings can be achieved with the use of pleated bags.

Seriously, in industries where the filter medium is treated as a hazardous waste (i.e. frac water), the minimization of media to be disposed of is paramount.

Pleated bags have a much greater surface area than standard bags, yet fit into the same housing. This allows for greater contaminant removal in a single piece of media. Pleated bags can remove up to 10X the contaminants as standard bags.

Bag and Cartridge Filters for a Variety of Projects

However, we do more than simply offer wastewater filters. Filtra-Systems carries a wide line of bag and cartridge housings and filters providing you the flexibility needed for your industrial water filtration challenges.

We stock activated carbon filter bags, oil absorption bags, nylon monofilament mesh, polyester and polypropylene. Cartridges are available in polyester, polypropylene, and nylon and come in a wide variety of micron sizes.

The reality is, bag and cartridge filter products are ideal for any number of different water filtration systems.

These filters can handle a range of operating temperatures and are designed for operation near-freezing to up to 338 degrees Fahrenheit.

How open-minded are you to bag and cartridge filter solutions? Click here to contact Filtra-Systems or call 248-427-9090 now. We’ll answer all your questions and share with you how easy, cost-efficient and profitable it can be to keep your water filtration systems running at full capacity.