3 Benefits of Automatic Filter Presses Have Over Manual Filter Presses

Below are 3 benefits automatic filter presses offer over manual ones.

Benefit One: Increased Filtration Time

Fully automatic filter presses can be rapidly cycled, especially as compared to their manual counterparts. With an automatic belt wash, time spent scraping plates is eliminated, freeing up man-hours for other projects.

The unique design of the Verti-Press utilizes vertically stacked chambers that offer flexibility and improve wash efficiency for a more even product.

Benefit Two: Increased Efficiency

Automation if not removes, then greatly reduces the potential for error in any process, resulting in a safer, more efficient process that uses fewer materials and lowers costs.

The use of an automatic filter press produces more accurate and precise results. The size of the filter cake can be dialed in by selecting the amount of slurry fed into the press during each cycle.

Benefit Three: Requires Less Energy

Any reduction in labor and error results in better energy efficiency.

As multiple industries look for more energy-efficient processes and “green” technology, the benefits of using an automatic filter press are also expected to grow.

The Verti-Press automatic filter press from Filtra-Systems is the most advanced product of its kind available today. Understand the unique needs of organizations within different industries, Filtra-Systems can provide an appropriately sized press to meet the specifications of different applications.

Another Benefit of the Verti-Press

It minimizes the potential for chemical exposure and ensures equipment safety. The Verti-Press from Filtra-Systems may be the best choice for you in filter presses available today.

If you want to know more about the benefits of the automatic Verti-Press filter press from Filtra-Systems, or if you aren’t sure about the filter needed for your application, click here and contact us today.

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