3 Reasons an Automatic Filter Press Will Improve Performance and Reduce Costs

Filtra-Systems offers the most advanced automatic filter press available. Automated filter presses offer multiple opportunities to increase efficiency in plant operations. Filtra-Systems’ Verti-Press is an automatic pressure filter that is available in multiple sizes to meet any need. An automatic filter press offers a few major advantages over the traditional manual filter press.

Time Efficiency

Every company needs more time in the day to allocate towards the most important issues. A fully automatic filter press can be rapidly cycle and the time that is typically spent manually scraping plates is eliminated. The key is the vertically stacked chambers which offer flexibility and improve efficiency.


Human error can be a considerable factor when operating and maintaining a manual pressure filter. An automatic pressure filter significantly reduces the potential for error in operations. Automation results in a safer and much more cost efficient process to produce more accurate results.

Green Energy Efficiency

With the green energy initiative sweeping across industries, companies are constantly trying to find opportunities to expand their green energy image. When labor and human error are decreased the energy that is typically used for those manual processes is reduced. Automatic filter presses from Filtra-Systems result in a more energy efficient process.