Advantages of the Verti-Press Over a Plate & Frame Filter Press

Filtra-Systems provides a number of products to improve upon existing systems. The Verti-Press, for example, is the most advanced dewatering filter press on the market. Many companies choose to completely replace their plate & frame filter press with our Verti-Press filter, which has several distinct advantages over the traditional technology.

Maximum Efficiency

The Verti-Press Automatic Tower Filter Press provides improved efficiency over plate & frame filter presses. For example, due to its plug flow wash design, the Verti-Press can wash the product more efficiently and isolate each chamber for individual operation using its innovative chamber design.

Minimized Chemical Exposure

Chemical exposure is a safety concern in all industrial processes, and inferior equipment can result in increased exposure through the chemical releases associated with the dewatering process. The chamber design of the Verti-Press minimizes this potential exposure outside of the tower filter press by utilizing a unique water-filled side seal design.

Increase Production Rate

The Verti-Press increases production rate by utilizing an innovative design as well as its increased washing capabilities. These two factors increase the rate of production substantially compared to plate & frame filter presses, which are often inefficient and prone to increased operator attention.

Learn more about how the Verti-Press Automatic Tower Filter Press can replace your plate & frame filter press and how to customize it to your needs by contacting Filtra-Systems. Contact us today to discuss the technical advantages of the Verti-Press!