Filter Presses May Save You Money and Increase Your Efficiency

Filtra-Systems is a major innovator within the filtration industry and we take our role as an industry leader seriously.

Designing technologically superior filter presses for our clients, we provide a large range of sizes for a variety of applications – making our industrial filter presses a versatile dewatering solution.

These filter presses feature automatic operation which obsolete traditional plate and frame filters, leaving them in the dust.

Many of our clients improved their operational efficiency and safety with these filter presses while also creating filtration processes that are far more cost-effective and profitable as well.

Verti-Press – Innovation in a Tower Filter Press

The Verti-Press filter presses feature innovative designs that uses several vertically stacked chambers.

You see, every one of these chambers can be isolated when turning dewatered slurry into filter cakes, and this makes the Verti-Press filter press an ideal solution for keeping equipment available.

Your operation will be able to take advantage of more flexible maintenance cycles and higher operational efficiencies.

Now, you wouldn’t by a car or truck without test driving it first, right? That’s exactly why you are offered the opportunity for bench-scale testing using our pilot filters. Becasue you want solid proof the Verti-press is right for you, your application and facility.

A History of Continuous Improvement

As a company with 40+ years of experience designing and installing industrial water filters, Filtra-Systems has a long track record providing filtration solutions for a wide variety of businesses, industries and applications.

We always listen to your needs and wants when it comes to designing newer, more efficient and cost-effective systems.

You’ve shared with us you want new designs to include larger presses with enclosed chambers.

You also want to keep costs down and to provide a better performance, especially when it comes to minimizing chemical exposure and maximizing equipment safety.

Now, discover how easy it is to see how Filtra-Systems’ equipment can help you get high cake solids and the most efficient cake wash on the market.

Click here and contact us today, or call 248-427-9090 now. We’ll share with you strategies and options for both efficient and low-cost filtration solutions.