How Advanced Filter Presses Increase Efficiency

As an industry leader, Filtra-Systems is dedicated to offering the most advanced filter presses ever to hit the market. Coming in a variety of different sizes in order to meet the needs of any organization, our automatic filter presses can easily replace a more traditional plate and frame filter. A number of companies have been able to increase their efficiency by using one of our automatic filter presses, all while improving their operational safety at the same time.

The Innovative Verti-Press Tower Filter Press

Our Verti-Press filter presses make use of a series of vertically stacked chambers that can each be isolated in turn when you need to form a filter cake from dewatered slurry. The Verti-Press filter’s individual isolation capabilities provide higher equipment availability levels, ensuring that your organization has extended flexibility in the event that maintenance needs to be performed on your filter. In addition, Filtra-Systems has pilot filters available, allowing for bench scale testing of our innovative vertical tower filter press.

Verti-Press Technology: Born from the Needs of our Clients

Filtra-Systems has a long history of working with several different business in  a variety of industries. We have been able to reduce not just initial costs for our customers through a combination of new enclosed chamber design and larger machine sizes, we’ve also been able to make it more efficient to operate our Verti-Press filter presses as well. With potential chemical exposure issues minimized by this new chamber design, equipment and operator safety is ensured. When you need either the highest wash efficiency for your filter cake, or you need your filter presses to provide high cake solids while also providing high levels of maintainability and reliability, Verti-Press filter presses are the best choice for your industry.

If you want to know more about our Verti-Press technology or any of our other filtration solutions, contact us today. Learn how Filtra-Systems can provide increased efficiency for your organization through the use of our innovative and cost-effective vertical filter presses.