Is An Automatic Filter Press The Right Solution For Your Company?

Filtra-Systems offers the most advanced automatic filter press available. The opportunities that automated filter presses provide can change the way you do business. Every company needs more time in the day. A fully automatic filter press can be rapidly cycled and the time that was previously invested in manually scraping plates is eliminated. The vertically stacked chambers give flexibility and improve efficiency and are key to improving cake quality. Like every company, you want to increase the quality of your production process. Human error can have a significant impact when maintaining a manual pressure filter. An automatic pressure filter significantly reduces the potential for error in operations. As a result, automation results in a safer and more cost-efficient process.

Fortunately for business owners, Filtra-Systems offers the most advanced dewatering tower press on the market. We offer different sizes to match your organization’s needs. Our automatic filter press was designed to meet the needs of a number of industrial processes in the modern world. Our automatic filter press is commonly an improvement over conventional plate and frame filter technology.

The Verti-Press utilizes stacked chambers that each can be isolated for individual use. The individual operation is key because it allows a higher level of equipment availability and provides flexibility needed when arranging for maintenance tasks. We have worked with a variety of businesses in different industries and re in tune with our client’s needs. We have been able to lower both initial and operating costs by combining new larger machine sizes with a new enclosed chamber design.

We have a number of pilot filters which provide bench scale testing of the Verti-Press to make sure it is the right fit for you needs. Contact us today to learn about how our Verti-Press technology can work for you.