Reducing Your Operating Costs With An Automatic Filter Press

The automatic filter press is a very specialized tool and it excels at its designed task. Removing moisture from slurry is a difficult but essential part of many industrial processes.

There are many ways to accomplish this, and the automatic filter press requires the least maintenance and operator attention of any of the available options.

Operational Benefits

The Verti-Press automatic filter press offers many benefits over comparable technologies. The largest advantage is in its automation.

The entire process from slurry to cake is handled completely automatically, and the results are discharged out to a single location at the end of every cycle (eliminating the need for redundant processing equipment).

The process is handled by a programmable controller (PLC), which eliminates the need for a full-time operator. These benefits result in a significantly shorter cycle time than competing technologies.

The fact that the Verti-Press chambers themselves are compact and stacked vertically saves floor space. Each chamber can be isolated for individual operation.

The cakes produced can have a moisture content that is far less than those produced by vacuum filtration, plate and frame filters, or belt presses.


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