Save Money with Automatic Filter Press Technology From Filtra-Systems

Looking for efficiency? Converting traditional manual processes to automated processes is a great place to start. When it comes to your industrial filtration system needs, Filtra-Systems’ Verti-Press offers a great alternative to replace your traditional manual filter press. How does an automatic filter press work differently? Conceptually, it operates the same as a manual plate and frame filter, except that the process doesn’t require a skilled laborer to monitor the process. Chambers are also oriented horizontally, to evenly distribute slurry across the filter belts. A diaphragm compresses filter cakes, further dewatering them, and helping to optimize process conditions.

What is the value of automation? Time, certainty, and energy savings can all be improved by an automatic pressure filter from Filtra-Systems. The fewer man-hours needed to operate a manual filter press, the more time that can be allocated towards other areas of the company. The automatic filter press can be rapidly cycled, and gone is the time spent manually scraping plates.

Without the need for workers to maintain the filter press, there is much less risk for human error. An automatic pressure filter substantially reduces the risk of operational mistakes. The automation results in a much more cost efficient process, is safer, and produces much more accurate results.

Companies are striving to increase their green energy impact on society. The initiative sweeping the industry to grow a green energy image is significant. Automatic filter presses from Filtra-Systems result in more energy efficient processes by reducing labor and human error that occurs in manual processes.